Vincent finds Natalie on the roof of the hotel and comments how beautiful she looks. Although Natalie thinks Vincent is keeping tabs on her, he says, "I was worried about you and I know you come here when things are bothering you." Vincent brings up the time they kissed on the roof, then questions how things are with John. When Natalie comments that things haven't changed, Vincent says, "John doesn't deserve you." Just as Natalie goes to leave, Vincent grabs her arm

At the diner, Paige scares Lindsay into thinking that she's going to tell Bo that Lindsay's been trying to break them up! However, Paige keeps quiet and tells Bo that she got a new job offer. Paige makes a crack about wanting to share the news with Lindsay - because she's such a good friend - then she and Bo get a table. Lindsay calls Dorian a 'witch,' "How dare you!"

When Paige gives Bo the details of her offer, he's shocked to hear the job is in Pakistan! Although Paige doesn't know how long she'll be gone, she knows she can't ask Bo to wait around for her. Suddenly, Bo gets a text message from Matthew and has to leave to pick him up. Paige promises not to make any decisions without Bo.

After Bo leaves, Paige goes to Lindsay and Dorian and tells Lindsay that if she does decide to take the job - and Lindsay hurts Bo - she'll personally come back to Llanview and kill her!

Marcie arrives at Adriana and tells Rex, Adriana and Layla that John brought Michael in for questioning! Marcie is so upset and begs Rex for answers, "Why would John think that Michael killed Spencer?" When Adriana and Rex look at each other, Marcie becomes suspicious! To deter her, Rex and Adriana agree to take Marcie to the police station and Layla says she'll track down Natalie, "Maybe she can help." While Marcie is getting her car, Adriana and Rex worry about what John will find out from Michael.

Still on the roof, Layla comes through the door just as Natalie tells Vincent that she should be there with John - not him. Layla informs Natalie that Marcie and Rex are at the station and Natalie takes off to help. After Natalie leaves, Layla accuses Vincent of trying to steal another man's girl! Vincent tells her that she has him 'all wrong,' then leaves Layla on the roof.

At the station, John warns Michael to give him the truth! However, Michael says he needs to protect his family at all costs! When John asks if Michael killed Spencer to prevent John from doing it, Michael asks him to close the case! "If you care about me, my wife or your nephew, you'll let this thing go." Suddenly, a cop comes in and says that Marcie is there to see John. Before John goes, Michael warns him that Marcie doesn't know anything!

John enters the main room of the station and tells Marcie, Rex and Adriana that he's just doing his job. While Marcie is letting him have it for taking in his own brother, John thinks back to a conversation with Michael and suspects Rex! John pulls Rex toward his office, saying, "Let's go!" Marcie looks to Adriana and asks if John really thinks that Rex and Michael know something about Spencer's murder. Adriana replies, "Yes, I think he does."

Back in John's office, John wants answers, "What are you two hiding?"

Outside of Capricorn, just as Talia is calling the Llanview PD, the arsonist sneaks up behind her and knocks Talia over the head!

Outside of the storage room, through the smoke, Antonio screams for Jessica. Hearing his voice, Jessica breaks Nash's kiss and calls out for Antonio. Nash let's Antonio know that he's with Jess and assures him that he's taking care of her. Nash repeatedly tries to kick the door open while Antonio attempts to save them from outside. Antonio instructs Nash and Jessica to move away from the door, then he kicks it open! Antonio holds out a sheet, to shield them from inhaling the smoke, and tells them that there's only room for one of them to go at a time. "Jessica, I'm going to get you out of here!" Jessica looks to Nash and says, "I'm not leaving you!" Despite her pleas, Nash screams for Antonio to get Jessica out of there!

After Antonio leads Jessica to the door, he goes back for Nash. However, as the two men are making their getaway, a huge air conditioner falls from the ceiling and comes crashing down on them! Jessica hears the crash and frantically screams for Nash and Antonio, but her pleas go unanswered

Next on One Life to Live:

Nash & Antonio are in danger as the fire spreads within Capricorn.

John pins Rex & Michael against each other in an attempt to make them talk, then demands answers.