When Bo arrives in John's office and asks if he knows who killed Truman, John says, "Someone with a very strong motive." Bo reminds John that he can't let his personal life get in the way of the case, and John agrees but says, "I need some time to figure out how to handle this." Bo leaves. Alone in his office, John thinks back to all his conversations with Michael and says, "I'm sorry, Mike, I can't let this go."

When Lindsay meets Dorian at the diner, Dorian smashes a piece of pie smashed in her face! Dorian claims it's payback for telling Viki that she asked Lindsay to stall Viki in order to spend time with Clint! "You're paying my dry cleaning bill!" Lindsay screams, then explains why she couldn't stick to their plan. However, Dorian states, "Now you have to help me win Clint back!" Suddenly, Paige comes in and Dorian calls her over and says, "We were just talking about you. Lindsay has been trying to break you and Bo up because she wants Bo back." Lindsay tries to talk her way out of the mess, and begs Paige not to tell Bo any of this! Just then, Bo arrives.

After Nelly's performance at Capricorn, Michael tells Marcie that Starr is too young to take care of Tommy. When Marcie brings up Spencer's murder, Michael asks, "What if the person who killed Spencer was someone you loved?"

At Capricorn, Antonio briefly stops to say hello to Talia, then goes to Cris with concern. When questioned about Evangeline's betrayal, Cris says, "Some guys just never know what their girlfriends and wives are up to behind their back." However, Antonio tries to convince Cris that the kiss was a mistake and Cris should swallow his pride and forgive Evangeline. "Let me ask you this, Antonio What would you do if Jessica was sleeping with someone else?" "I'd kill the guy," Antonio replies, then asks "Do you love Evangeline?" When Cris says yes, Antonio tells him to forgive her! Talia approaches and they all talk about the arsonist - not realizing that Capricorn is his next target!

After Cris leaves, Antonio and Talia share a beer and some simple conversation. Suddenly, they smell smoke!

Kissing on the floor at Michael and Marcie's, Starr and Cole are disturbed by Marcie's phone call, letting her know theyll be home in an hour. After Starr hangs up, Cole wants to talk about sex. "Before the phone rang," he says. "Things were getting hot. If Mrs. McBain hadn't called" During a serious conversation, Starr tells Cole that she wants to wait to have sex, and Cole understands. Before they get caught, Cole promises to call her soon, then leaves undetected- just as Michael and Marcie round the corner!

After Michael and Marcie arrive, Michael takes Starr home leaving Marcie to look in on her son. "Mommy and Daddy love you so much." After Michael arrives back home, John shows up shortly after demanding that Michael come to the PD with him. "I have to question you in Spencer's murder."

At Evangeline's, over a struggle with the remote, she and Todd fall on the couch together! Evangeline jumps up and tells Todd to leave. "I need to make Cris understand what happened between you and I didn't mean anything." However, Todd refuses to apologize for their kiss. When Todd is ready to leave, Evangeline notices he doesn't have a coat and goes to get one of Cris's. While she's in the other room, Cris calls her cell, but Todd just pushes her phone aside. After she comes back, she tells Todd that she couldn't find a coat for him to wear.

With flowers in hand, Cris uses his key and opens Evangeline's door, catching Evangeline helping Todd button up his shirt to stay warm on the way home. "What's going on?" Cris asks. Cris goes on to say that he wanted to apologize, but after walking in on 'this,' "We're done!" Cris throws the flowers across the room and leaves with a slam of the door!

As Nash and Jessica are kissing in the storage room at Capricorn, the arsonist goes out into the alley and starts the place on fire. Inside, as they are struggling with their feelings, Nash tells Jessica that he loves her - not Tess. Although Jessica keeps insisting that she loves Antonio, Nash says, "You belong with me. Runaway with me." Jessica reminds Nash that they can't hurt Antonio, then tries to leave. "The door is stuck. We can't get out," Jessica says. Suddenly, they realize that the door's hot, then see the smoke coming through the bottom. "Help!" Jessica screams. "Somebody help us!" Nash instructs Jessica to get down on the ground. When Nash says he loves her, Jessica admits, "I love you too." Kissing her slowly, removing Jess's shirt, Nash and Jessica fall to the ground sharing what they think may be their last breath.

Next on One Life to Live:

John tells Michael to quit playing games.

Antonio lays his life on the line for Jess & Nash.

Layla suspects that Vincent & Natalie are more than friends.