At the station, Bo informs Antonio and Officer Talia that the arson case is to receive top priority. Talia shows Bo a report proving that the fire at Nora's was connected to the previous ones. While Bo goes into his office to talk to Matthew, Talia tells Antonio that she blames herself for Nora's fire. "I shouldn't have let the arsonist go!"

In his office, Bo tries to lift Matthew's spirits, but his son is so distraught that he's lost all of his stuff, especially the videos and pictures of Jen and Sam. Bo assures Matthew that they'll get pictures from Lindsay, Rex and Will. "Matthew, I'm going to fix this for you. If anything happened to you, I don't think I could live." Bo holds Mathew close. The chief fireman enters the office carrying a box of the only things that were salvaged from the fire. Together, Matthew and Bo look through the box Heartbroken, Matthew finds the videotapes that Jen made him, along with a photo album - both appearing to be burnt to a crisp.

Layla rushes to Evangeline's side as she arrives at Capricorn. "What's wrong, Vange?" Thinking back on her kiss with Todd, Evangeline says, "I kissed Todd." Despite Layla's objection, Evangeline says she's going to tell Cristian.

At the bar, Nash talks to Tate about his baseball career and the two settle into talk of 'Llanview.' Before Tate leaves, Nash invites him back to see Nelly Furtado play live!

After Cris questions Jessica about almost sleeping with Nash, she grabs the phone in anger ranting, "I can't believe he was that stupid to blab his mouth!" However, Cris informs her that she should be more concerned about what Antonio's going to say when he finds out! Cris let's her have it! "You betrayed your husband! Did you get close to having sex?" Cris demands and Jess replies, "Yes! I did!" Although Jessica says she feels guilty, Cris heads to the door saying he's going to tell Antonio! She stops him and expresses that she's been through hell since integration and that she's going to figure this out. "I love my husband. He's the one I want to spend my life with!" Cris agrees to keep quiet 'for now' and warns Jessica to do the right thing.

At the diner, Marcie and Tommy approach Todd - who's looking down at the death certificate. When Marcie asks if Todd can hold Tommy for a minute, Todd snaps! When questioned why he's acting like this, Todd shows Marcie his son's death certificate. Marcie says she's sorry, then expresses that she wouldn't know what to do if she ever lost her child. Todd says, "Don't worry, you're not going to lose your child," then asks Marcie to take Tommy and leave.

When John asks Michael if he knows who killed Truman, Michael says, "You're going to be sorry when you find out." Michael tries to convince John to drop it and that Spencer deserved to die, then says, "Whoever killed Spencer should go free." Over an argument, Michael begs, once again, to let this go! "Did you kill Truman?" John asks. Michael gets offended and asks if John really thinks that he's capable of murder! After Michael makes one last plea for John to let it go, John says he can't, then leaves

At Asa's, Viki rants to Clint about the nerve Dorian had taking her place at the Palace. Suddenly, Viki laughs and says, "I wonder what Dorian would do if she found out she spent the night together?" Clint gets serious and replies, "Would you like to?" Just then, Asa blows through the door and informs them that Nora's house burnt to the ground! After Asa gives them the details, Asa realizes that Clint and Viki are on a 'date,' then goes upstairs. Before Viki leaves, Clint tells her that he had a wonderful time, then kisses her goodnight.

Just as Layla gives Evangeline one last warning, "If you tell him, Cris will freak," Cris walks up to their booth at Capricorn and says, "Why will I freak?" Layla makes up an excuse for her statement, then Cris and Evangeline head home.

Outside of another building, the arsonist lurks with a lighter in hand

Jessica arrives at the station just in time to head home with Antonio.

When Marcie arrives home, she informs Michael about her confrontation with Todd, then asks if John has any leads in Spencer's murder. "You know John," Marcie says. "He's not going to give up till someone's caught."

At Capricorn, John orders a beer, then looks at a childhood picture of him and Michael, suspecting his brother of murdering Spencer

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Evangeline confesses to Cris that she shared a passionate kiss with Todd!