At Indigo, Nash explains that the kiss between him and Jessica would've resulting in sex hadn't Antonio showed up. Suddenly, Cris is at their side! However, he didn't appear to let on that he heard their conversation - if he heard. After Cris leaves, Layla says, "Do you think he overheard us?" Layla warns Nash to stay away from Jessica! "Before it blows up in both your faces."

Cris calls Jessica, who says she's at Todd's office, and tells her he has to see her now!

Jessica is stunned to find out that Miles is Mitch's brother. "You seem upset," Miles says and Jessica replies, "Because he was my father." Although Miles seems surprised that Mitch never mentioned him, he wonders if Mitch even knew he was alive. Jessica fills Miles in on what a horrible man Mitch was. "You and I are family," Miles says. "You're my niece." Jessica begins to panic when Miles aggressively wants to meet 'all the family.' Although Miles claims this is the best thing to happen to him, Jessica says she wants nothing to do with anyone connected to Spencer or Mitch! "Does that make me a horrible person, too?" Miles asks.

At Adriana's, as Rex beats himself up for ruining Todd's life, he tells Adriana, "Maybe it's time I come clean with the truth." When Adriana reminds Rex of all the ramifications if he tells the truth, Rex expresses his worry that Michael will blow their cover. "He's a mess!" Suddenly, Adriana asks, "What if Todd realizes that the death certificate is a fake?" Through all the doubts, Rex and Adriana make a promise to keep the secret.

In their apartment, after Marcie refuses to let up on Michael, he admits that he was at the hospital the night Spencer was murdered, "I found John collapsed in the sunroom at the hospital." Although Michael defends John, Marcie suggests that John may have killed Spencer! As Michael screams that John isn't a killer, he wakes up Tommy, upsetting Marcie further. After she gets Tommy settled down, Michael apologizes, leading Marcie to beg him to open up to her. "You've been edgy lately and now you're lying to me." However, Michael doesn't give her any further details, only says, "Trust me, John did not murder Spencer."

In The Sun elevator, when Evangeline kneels before Todd and asks what's wrong, he pulls her into an embrace. "My son is dead," Todd says, then shows Evangeline the death certificate. Although she tells him it could be a fake, Todd assures her that Rex gave it to him, "I think it's real. When Todd won't allow Evangeline to take him home, she sits next to him and says, "I'm not leaving you. I'm here as long as you need me." Through pain-stricken tears, Todd explains what Rex told him about his son. "I would've liked to have held him," Todd cries. After Evangeline takes his hand and says she's sorry, Todd confesses that she's the only one who 'gets' him, then leans in and takes her in a passionate kiss! When Evangeline pulls away, she appears more shocked that she kissed Todd back than the fact that he kissed her! Realizing that Cris is waiting for her at Capricorn, Evangeline gets ready to leave

Outside of the elevator, Cris is pressing the button. "Come on, Open up!" When the door won't open, Cris heads for the stairs

Natalie goes to John's office to tell him that she was going to tell Bo the truth, but he's at the hospital with Nora. John questions why she would go alone and not wait for him. "I'm coming with you when you see Bo." After Natalie agrees, John asks her to look at a fiber from his scarf and compare it to the fiber in the crime scene photo. "How did the fibers from my scarf get at the crime scene?" John asks. "If we figure out how the fibers got there, we'll find our killer." While John and Natalie are going over all the possibilities of who had access to John's scarf, John thinks back to Michael trying on the scarf! John abruptly remembers that he has to be somewhere and takes off

When Cris interrupts Jessica and Miles, he tells Miles to leave, then looks to Jessica. "We need to talk." After Miles leaves, Cris divulges that he overheard Nash saying that she had feelings for Nash and that they almost had sex! "Tell me this isn't true," Cris says. However, Jessica replies, "I wish I could, but I can't."

John shows up at Michael's. Once they're alone, Michael warns John to drop the investigation before he finds out something he didn't want to know

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John suspects that Michael is Spencer's killer.