In their apartment, Adriana and Layla use Rex as the guinea pig for their new underwear line. Just as Layla takes off for work, Michael shows up and tells Rex and Adriana about the cup labeled TMJ that Spencer sent. "What if Todd doesn't stop looking for his son?" Michael asks. Rex explains that he has a way to deter Todd, then shows Michael the fake birth certificate for Todd's son. After Rex leaves, Michael expresses the guilt and deceit he's going to have to hide for the rest of life, as Adriana tries to comfort him.

From his office, Todd calls Evangeline and asks her out to dinner. When she says that she has plans with Cris, Todd suggests that she bring Cris along! After Todd threatens to publish a not-so-nice article about the fire at Nora's house, Evangeline agrees to meet him.

At Capricorn, when Cris arrives, he is furious to hear that Evangeline agreed to meet with Todd. "You go meet with him, but I'm not," Cris says. Cris warns her that Todd isn't going to stop until he gets what he wants from her. Although Evangeline doesn't want to abandon Todd, she decides, "I'm going to call Todd and tell him that I'm going to spend the whole evening with you." When she can't get through to Todd on the phone, Cris convinces her to go take care of her business with Todd. "I'll wait right here," Cris says.

Jessica arrives at The Sun and tells Todd that she's quitting. She explains that she feels like a failure for not being able to get an interview with Miles. Todd picks up the phone and calls Miles, claiming that he has evidence in Spencer's murder. After Miles agrees to come right down, Todd tells Jessica to fire up her tape recorder!

Miles arrives at The Sun, and Todd tells him that he'll give him the info on Spencer's murder if he gives Jessica an interview. When Miles kindly declines, Todd accuses him of hiding something! Jessica and Todd try to play on Miles loss of Spencer and encourage him to tell his story, to restore everyone's image of Spencer. Miles agrees to talk, but only to Jessica. Todd leaves

Outside his office, Rex hands Todd the death certificate. "It's your son," Rex says, then explains how he found out about the death of Todd's son. "I managed to get a DNA sample of your son, it was a match." When Todd sees that whoever adopted his boy named his son Peter, he says, "The man who raised me was named Peter. They named my son after a monster." Rex expresses how sorry he is, then leaves Shortly after, alone in the elevator, Todd flips out and starts hitting the walls, then slides down the wall of the elevator, to the floor, imagining Spencer there with him, saying, "I'm going to take real good care of your son until you join us."

Miles explains to Jessica how his father took him from his mother, told her he was dead, and hid him away in a hospital. "He called me a demon," Miles cries, then thinks back to the first time he saw Dr. Truman. "He treated me like a human being and told me something I never thought I'd hear" Miles credits Spencer for giving him the face he never thought he could have. After Miles says his last name 'Laurence,' Jessica becomes startled and tells Miles about her father, 'Mitch Laurence.' Shockingly, Miles says, "Mitch Laurence was my brother."

At Capricorn, Layla hands Nash a gift bag containing a sample of their new underwear for men. When Nash makes a remark about not having a girl to model them for, Layla tells him to get over Jessica or he'll be alone for the rest of his life. Nash admits that he kissed Jessica and that Jessica kissed him back Little does Nash know, Cris is standing close-by and overhears his admission!

Roxy stops at Marcie's and shows her a blanket that she knitting for Tommy. Over small talk, when Marcie expresses that Michael has been gone a while, Roxy puts her spin on things and implies that Michael may be having an affair! "Is he bringing home gifts?" Roxy asks, leaving Marcie to think about the engraved cup for Tommy. When Marcie assures Roxy that Michael would never cheat on her, Roxy offers to help her catch him in the act if she changes her mind. Roxy leaves

When Michael arrives home, Marcie accuses him of hiding something and says, "I want to know where you were the night Spencer was murdered."

Rex goes to Adriana's and says in despair, "I took Todd's son away from him"

When Evangeline arrives at The Sun, she sees Todd sitting on the floor of the elevator. "Todd, what happened?"

Next on One Life to Live:

Cris asks Jessica about her feelings toward Nash.