In John's office, Gigi taunts Jack about seeing a ghost. Gigi wants to finish what she started the night she planned to confront Jack and warns, "I'm going to kick your scrawny ass." Tea demands Gigi back off but is glad she's okay. Gigi wonders if Jack's glad. Shane says Jack's not worth it. Out in the station, John and Natalie discuss Jack. Natalie thinks Tea's going to have a hard time getting Jack out of this one and says, "Not unless she can raise the dead." Gigi appears and says, "It's me." Natalie and John hug Gigi, stunned she's alive. Natalie knows Rex must be beside himself. Gigi confirms but admits he's off tying up some loose ends. After John leaves, Gigi comments on how lighter John seems and wonders if he's on medication or if it's 'the Natalie effect'. Suddenly, Gigi blurts out that Liam is John's son. She remembers what was on the tape she had. Natalie already knows. Gigi's surprised Natalie and John aren't back together and warns that life's too short. Back in John's office, Tea and Jack hug. Gigi's alive, which means Jack's out of the woods. John appears and says, "I wouldn't go that far." Tea asks Jack to wait outside then warns that Jack can't be tried for Stacy's murder. The chain of events that happened after Jack locked Gigi in the basement was interrupted by Stacy. Tea demands John concentrate on charging Todd for Victor's murder. John plans to make Jack pay for locking Gigi up to begin with. Outside, Jack stops Gigi before she and Shane leave. He's glad she's alive and apologizes for everything he did to them. "Tell that to my sister," Gigi says and leaves with Shane. Natalie appears with a few choice words for Jack. Later, just as Natalie and John are prepared to talk, he's called away. They make plans to spend New Year's together.

Todd brings Blair to the mansion. He thinks Neela was following orders from Rex and vows revenge. Blair suggests they help Tea build a case for their son. Todd wonders when Tea and Blair became so close. Blair reflects and urges Todd to cut Tea some slack. Later, alone, Todd thinks back to recent confrontations with Tea then whispers, "Tea knows I killed Victor." He recalls the time Tea's spending with John and thinks he knows too. Todd throws a glass dish. Blair rejoins him and listens as Todd claims his upset is due to Jack. He's beyond repair. Blair snaps, "Jack needs a father who believes in him!" Todd apologizes and wishes he could make Jack love him. "You stand behind Jack," Blair says. "And I'll stand behind you." Just as Todd says he wants Tea fired, Tea appears with Jack and questions his motives. Blair minimizes Todd's words. Tea shares that Gigi's alive. Todd notes, "He's not a murderer." Tea whispers, "It makes one of you."

At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex tells Aubrey, "Gigi's alive." Aubrey thinks Rex is delusional until he explains. Over talk of Cutter, Aubrey admits he called from jail. She hung up on him. Aubrey knows she and Rex don't have a future now but hopes one day to find a guy like Rex. She urges Rex to go be with his family then cries after he goes.

Viki joins Clint at Llanfair, who rants about Jack being a killer. Viki wonders if Clint expects her to give up on her nephew. Clint jokes about Viki dumping him after a day. She laughs and says, "You're stuck with me." They profess their love. Viki loves Jack too and knows he has to face the consequences of his actions. Gigi deserves justice. Shane appears with a surprise. Gigi follows slowly, not wanting to give Viki and Clint a heart attack. Viki rushes into Gigi's arms. Clint's stunned that he has Stacy's heart. Shane notes that Stacy hadn't been using it anyway. Rex arrives and starts to propose. Clint gives Rex his mother's ring. He gets down on one knee. Gigi accepts.

Cutter calls Kim from a Kentucky jail and asks for a favor. Kim promises to help if he tells her where Stacy is. She's stunned to hear the girl she rescued was Gigi. Cutter explains, as Kim cries, "It can't be." Kim blames herself for not stopping Stacy from the beginning. She feels alone, but Cutter says she still has him. Kim lashes out for Cutter framing her. He apologizes, suggests they team up again, asks Kim to bust him out of jail and says, "I'm too pretty for prison." Cutter piques Kim's interest when he talks about the perfect mark, a woman with her own island - their mother. Cutter shares his run-in with Alex. Kim says goodbye and hangs up on him. Cutter calls Alex.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

The town's power grid affects everyone's electricity.

Madame Delphina gives John a warning.

When the lights go out in Llanview, things will never be the same.

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