At Llanfair, Asa and Nigel visit with Viki. Asa asks a favor, "You've got to get Clint back on the altar before he gets caught in the clutches of that she devil Dorian Lord!" Viki tells Asa that she refuses to push herself on Clint, then shows him to the door just as Lindsay arrives. As a way to stall Viki from meeting Clint, Lindsay says she's looking for Viki's assistance with a charity she's hosting. "What charity," Viki asks. When Lindsay 'makes up' a charity and says Lupus, Viki gets emotional and says that her daughter Megan died from Lupus. "I'm so sorry I brought this up," Lindsay says and confesses that she lied in order to help Dorian get Clint! "She's sitting with him at the Palace as we speak," Lindsay admits. Although Viki doesn't blame Lindsay, she grabs her coat and heads to the Palace after Dorian!

When Dorian arrives at the Palace, she overhears the host tell Clint, that his table for Mrs. Davidson is ready. Doran goes to Clint and offers to keep him company until Viki arrives. Clint agrees.

John is furious that Natalie stole evidence and thought that John killed Spencer! When asked if she still has the fibers, Natalie admits that she already got rid of them. "I know I should've come to you before," Natalie says, then goes on to explain why she thought that John killed Spencer. "Because of what you did, Truman's killer may never be caught!" John snaps. "Would that be so bad?" Natalie questions John with penetrating eyes. John says that they have to tell Bo what she did "Until then, there's nothing more to say," John says. After Natalie leaves, John looks out the window, wondering how his scarf fibers got on Truman's body...

As flames erupt throughout the house, Mathew screams for Nora to wake up! As she slowly starts to crawl, Nora screams for Mathew! When she sees him, Nora tries to instruct Mathew to stay low. "Don't you give up on me, Mathew!" Upstairs, Mathew coughs profusely With the fire extinguisher, Nora manages to get upstairs and finds Mathew unconscious! She quickly wraps him in a blanket and carries him through the flames down the stairs!

At the coffeehouse, Cole and Starr secretly meet. After they express how much they like each other, Cole kisses Starr and Blair shows up behind them! "Starr! What do you think you're doing!" Blair causes a scene, demands for Starr to go home, then grabs Cole by the shirt and drags him out the door! "You're coming with me!" Blair says.

Miles goes to Marty's office in search of a new psychologist. "Why me," Marty asks. Miles says that she helped Spencer and that he needs her too. While explaining his past treatments, Marty can tell that Miles still holds a lot of bitterness for those who wronged him.

Just as Marty agrees to take Miles on as a patient, Blair storms through the door with Cole! "Keep your son away from my daughter!" Miles agrees to come back later and leaves while Blair continues to rant. "This is your last warning!" Blair screams, then leaves with a SLAM of the door.

Cole apologizes to Marty for causing her more grief, then says, "I wish this could all be over with." Marty warns him to stay away from Starr.

When Blair finds Starr, Starr asks, "Why are you trying to ruin my life?" While Blair continues to demand that she stay away from Cole, Starr refuses!

At the station, Bo gets word that Nora's house is on fire and flees the station to get to them! Bo arrives at Nora's just as she barely makes it out the door with Mathew! "He's not breathing, Bo," Nora cries as she lays Mathew on the ground. Bo immediately performs CPR and is able to revive his son! The ambulance takes Mathew and Nora to the hospital.

At the scene, Officer Talia comforts Bo and offers to meet him at the hospital. Before they leave, a fireman tells Bo that the arsonist is to blame for starting the fire! Later at the hospital, Talia sits with Bo, offering comforting words, while he awaits word on Nora and Mathew

Miles arrives at the Palace and takes the table across from Clint's just in time to witness Viki thanking Dorian for keeping her seat warm!

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