Looking over the crime scene photos, John realizes that someone stole evidence from the scene! He calls a tech to have the photos blown up!

Natalie confides in Talia and says that she's worried about John and his involvement in the Truman case. Suddenly, Vincent shows up with hot chocolate for Natalie. As she takes it from his hands, she spills the drink everywhere. "Natalie, what's wrong with you?" Vincent asks. Natalie admits that she did something "If John finds out, he'll never forgive me." When Natalie won't elaborate, Vincent gives her some advice. "Be honest." Suddenly, John's standing right behind them, and the head of CSU shows up to see John! After the two head to John's office, Vincent says, "Who the heck is that?" With fear taking over her, Natalie replies, "The woman who could destroy everything for me" Although Natalie tries to cover up the truth, Vincent says, "She has something on you, doesn't she?" Natalie realizes that she needs to go talk to John

In his office, when John asks the female Lt. for a list of everyone who was at the crime scene, John is upset to hear that Natalie was at the scene without being summons! The Lt. goes on to say that Natalie sat right next to the body the whole time! "Does that answer your question?" she asks. "Yes, it does" John shakes his head. The Lt leaves

At the diner, Adriana points Tate out to Rex. Seeing Rex star struck, Adriana calls Tate over and introduces them! While Adriana sits back, Rex and Tate talk baseball. "Can I take your picture with Adriana?" Rex asks, then snaps a photo with his cell phone. After Tate leaves, Adriana laughs at Rex. "You look like a little kid." However, Rex is just ecstatic to have met his favorite pitcher.

Looking at his reflection in a mirror, thinking back on his past, Miles erupts in a rage and smashes the mirror!

When Nash arrives at the loft, Jessica tells him that she's heading to work, leaving Antonio to fill him in on her first case: Interviewing the man who Spencer left his fortune to!

After Jessica leaves for work, Antonio tells Nash that he booked Nelly Furtado at Capricorn! "Are you going to bring a date?" Antonio asks, then questions if Nash is interested in Layla. Nash replies, "She's not the one for me," then looks to the bed and thinks back to the close call with Jessica.

Outside of Miles room, Jessica cons a bellboy into letting her in! While snooping around, Miles catches her! Holding out her recorder, Jessica reminds Miles of their appointment. Surprisingly, Miles doesn't get angry, but says that he has to leave. While he's getting ready, when Jessica asks about his relationship with Spencer Truman, Miles says, "Do you want to see what he did for me?" He hands her a picture and she gasps at his prior appearance. Jessica apologizes for her reaction, and Miles forgives her. As Miles expresses his need to get to a meeting, Jessica helps him pick out a blazer, then follows him out.

In Marty's office, Nora checks in on her friend. When Marty asks what's upsetting Nora, she says, "Can you tell me who killed Spencer Truman?" They talk about the stresses in their lives, then Nora expresses that she got a second chance in life and that she doesn't want anything to blow it. "I came out of the coma because of Mathew." Suddenly, Nora gets a call from Mathew's school saying that he's sick. She leaves to pick him up.

John gets a visit from Miles who wants to know if he has any leads in Spencer's murder. "Where were you the night Truman was killed?" John asks. However, Miles has an alibi and warns John not to cover-up for someone he knows or loves

Nash runs into Jessica at the diner and helps her come up with a beginning sentence for her article on Miles. As Jessica types, Nash watches her with admiration.

Miles goes to Marty's office

When Natalie goes in to tell John what she did, he says it for her! "Tell me why I shouldn't lock you up right now for removing evidence from the crime scene?"

After Nora and Mathew return home, she sends him upstairs and takes some medicine herself. "May cause drowsiness," Nora reads from the bottle. Later that afternoon, outside her house, the arsonist starts the place on fire! Inside, Nora is sound asleep and only stirs as she inhales the smoke. Suddenly, the smoke detector goes off, and Nora jumps up screaming for Mathew! As she's trying to put out the fire, there's an explosion by the window that throws her across the room! Mathew comes running down the stairs. "Mom!"

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The rift between John and Natalie continues to grow