Claude is brought into John's office and makes eye contact with Todd. Blair begs Claude to help them find Tomas. John orders everyone out but Tea insists on staying. After Todd leaves, John asks where Claude was the night Victor was murdered. Blair demands Claude admit he was with Tomas. Claude knows exactly who killed Victor and stuns everyone by stating, "Tomas killed Victor Lord." Tea and Blair protest. Claude doesn't know where Tomas is but knows they'll never find him. "This is not true," Blair whispers. Claude extends his apologies. John calls Claude's bluff and has him arrested for obstruction of justice and accessory to murder. Claude assures Tea and Blair that Tomas loves them very much then is taken away. Outside the office, Todd calls Baker. If Claude gives him up, they're both going down. Claude's seated nearby. He admits to Todd that he just betrayed his oldest friend. May God have mercy on Claude's soul - and Todd's.

Jack enters the classroom. Neela admits she and Shane were talking about how his mother died. Jack tries to be sensitive, but Shane only wants the person responsible for his mother's death to pay. Shane leaves. Jack assumes Shane was badmouthing him to Neela. He admits to bullying Shane and how things got out of hand. Jack feels horrible for what he did. Neela hopes Jack's changed. Later, Shane confronts Neela. He accuses her of knowing something about Jack. Neela thought she'd met her prince in Jack. He can't be the same person Shane's speaking of. "You need to know what kind of guy Jack really is," Shane warns. Jack appears and asks Neela out. Neela looks at Shane and claims Vimal wouldn't approve.

After Starr's served at the mansion, Dani is as well. They can't believe Rick's suing them for each bone in his body. Just as they go to call Nate and James, they appear with papers too. Having a lawyer for a mom, Dani warns Rick has a case. His fall happened on Starr's property. Nate and James want Tea's help. Dani can't ask her mom, not with all she's going through. Starr vows they'll deal with Rick on their own. James refuses to let Starr and Nate pretend to have an affair. Starr plans on finding a way out of this. Todd could very well scare the hell out of Rick.

At the hospital, Shaun and Vivian talk about what happened over Thanksgiving. Shaun brought her some flowers to make up for it but gave them to Tea. Vivian doesn't need flowers. She only needs Shaun to understand why she feels the way she does about marriage. Can he be comfortable with that? Shaun respects how she feels but marriage is still very important to him. She hopes their love is enough for now. After she gets called away, Shaun admits to himself that he's not okay with them not getting married.

Outside the exam room at Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio, the doctor assures Cutter the woman in the room isn't Stacy. 'That woman' never had plastic surgery. Cutter can't believe she's really Gigi. She appears from the room and asks Cutter what's going on. The doctor leaves. Cutter thinks about falling for Gigi and claims the surgery can't happen. After what happened in the basement, Dr. Fascinella is worried about her health. She feels horrible, not only for what she did but for having to keep 'this face'. Cutter wants her to learn to like herself. He likes 'Stacy' just the way she is.

In their Rio hotel room, Rex wonders how Stacy was the one Cutter was trying to pass off as Gigi. Is it possible Stacy survived? He believes this is something Stacy would do and explains how she was obsessed with him. Aubrey thinks this it too hardcore for Cutter and looks at the file. Aubrey realizes when Stacy had the surgery Cutter was in Europe with her. Rex thinks Kim had to have been Stacy's initial partner in crime. He just doesn't understand how Cutter got involved. Aubrey divulges that Kim is the real Aubrey Wentworth, Cutter's sister. Rex tells Aubrey to pack. They're going to Kentucky.

Cutter and Gigi return to their room. She looks in the mirror and has no other choice but to get used to 'this face'. Cutter suggests they never go back to Llanview and start a new life somewhere else, together. He hands her a small globe. Gigi spins it then stops it with her finger. Cutter announces they're going to Paris, Texas.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Gigi and Cutter visit an important place from her past.

Viki and Clint kiss.

Roxy gets devastating news.

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