Starr reads a story to Jack and imagines an awful King (Todd) who threw his Queen (Blair) in a dungeon while he awaited his marriage to a Princess (Evangeline).

The Queen's servant (Dorian) sneaks into the dungeon and vows to save the queen's life!

When Princess Evangeline arrives at the castle, King Todd takes her in a savage kiss, in front of her bodyguard Sir Cris, then leaves his bride-to-be behind. Alone with her bodyguard, Sir Cris professes his love to Princess Evangeline and they kiss!

When King Todd enters the dungeon, he tells Queen Blair that she's been replaced. "I'll be married tomorrow to someone who's loyal and faithful," he says.

Upstairs, Princess Starr arrives at the castle and is greeted by her love Sir Cole!

In front of Sir Cole, Princess Starr begs King Todd not to behead her Queen mother. When he refuses, the Princess informs her father that she'll be marrying Sir Cole and the King throws Sir Cole in the dungeon!

While Princess Starr and Princess Evangeline talk about their real true loves, Sir Cris and Servant Dorian appear and vow to make King Todd pay! Servant Dorian goes to the dungeon and tells Queen Blair that she's poisoned King Todd's drink! After Queen Blair begs Sir Cole to save King Todd, Sir Cole breaks free and saves King Todd from sipping the poisoned drink and says, "The Queen sent me to save you!" Queen Blair suddenly appears and King Todd forgives her! "The beheading is officially canceled!" King Todd gives Princess Starr and Sir Cole his blessing, Princess Evangeline and Sir Cris get to be together and Servant Dorian dies after ingesting the poisoned drink!

Starr sets the book down and says, "If only life could be that way."


While John goes to bed, Natalie reads a book, "The Mummy's Curse," and imagines herself searching through a tomb in pure Indiana Jones style.

Archeologists Natalie, Rex and Roxy enter a tomb full of treasures. While Natalie warns them all that all the treasure is going to a museum, Roxy continues to stuff gold coins in her pockets. Rex reads a code on the wall and says that a Faro King is buried within the tomb! Rex goes on to say if the King's heart is returned, he'll be reunited with his one true love!

Together, Rex, Roxy and Natalie open the tomb containing the King's wife and a mummy sits up! Natalie screams! Natalie finds a box containing the Faro's heart, and slides it into the King's tomb. Suddenly, the tomb opens and King John steps out claiming that Natalie is his wife! King John then takes Natalie in a passionate kiss. Before they leave, the King John warns that if any of the treasure is taken from the tomb, they will all be doomed.

Natalie puts the book down and climbs into bed with John, thinking about the fiber she stole from the crime scene.


As Jessica reads Bree a story, she imagines herself living in a mansion with Antonio.

In the mansion with Sire Antonio, Stable boy Nash comes in and informs Lady Jessica that her horse is dying. While Stable boy Nash goes back to the stables, Antonio gets Lady Jessica's cloak and brings her to her horse.

Suddenly Sire Antonio is summons back to the mansion, leaving Lady Jessica with her one true love: Stable Boy Nash. After a desire-filled kiss, Stable boy Nash says "The time has come, you have to choose, Jessica." Lady Jessica storms back to the mansion.

A few nights later Sire Antonio goes to Stable boy Nash and says that Lady Jessica is suffering from a high fever. Sire Antonio surprises Stable boy Nash by saying that Lady Jessica is crying out his name. "Is there something you want to tell me?" Sire Antonio asks.

At the mansion, Nash runs to Lady Jessica. Sire Antonio looks at Lady Jessica and says, "You both love each other, and I love you enough to let you go. Your heart belongs to Nash." Antonio leaves Jessica and Nash to love each other.

In the sables a beautiful servant tells Sire Antonio that she's there for him. "You're not alone."

In the mansion, Nash and Jessica profess their love forever.

Putting down the book, Jessica looks at a sleeping Antonio with tears in her eyes.

- The song played on today's show is titled "Nothing Without You" by Bebo Norman & Mitch Dane.

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