Arriving at the station, John and Natalie enter his office and see Antonio behind the desk with a nameplate on it: 'Lt. Antonio Vega.' John seems a bit irritated until Antonio stands up and replaces his nameplate with John's. "Thanks," John says. Antonio hands John the autopsy report on Spencer, then leaves. When John asks a cop to find him Truman's forensic report, Natalie says, "There's something I have to tell you."

At the diner, while preparing for Jamie's birthday party, Cris confides in Antonio that Todd's involvement in Evangeline's life bothers him.

Evangeline goes to The Sun with breakfast for Todd. "How are you?" she asks. When Todd says, "Today's the first day of my life without Blair," Blair overhears from the doorway and enters his office! Evangeline leaves the two of them alone

Blair hands Todd her resignation! "I'm leaving The Sun." Todd tears it up! "I'm not excepting your resignation." However, Blair leaves anyway. "You can't stop me."

When Evangeline arrives at the diner, Cris is upset to find out that she had breakfast with Todd.

At the coffeehouse, Clint briefly stops to talk to Nash and Bree, then goes to sit with Dorian. While looking over pictures of Kevin, Kelly and Zane, Clint gets a call from Viki and leaves to go to Jamie's party. After Clint leaves, Dorian says, "Damn you, Viki."

In Bo's office, Bo says that although he knows that Rex didn't kill Spencer, he accuses Rex of covering for someone! When Rex doesn't divulge anything, Bo turns to Adriana. "Who's Rex covering for?" Adriana lies and tells Bo that Rex told her everything and that he didn't see anyone leaving Blair's room the night Spencer was murdered.

Outside of Bo's office, Rex tells Adriana that he needs to go find out how far into the investigation John has looked.

Viki visits Jess at the loft and questions whether something is bothering her. Jessica thinks back to the night before with Nash. "I need a job, that's all," Jessica says. When Viki asks if she wants to come back to the Banner, Jess turns her down.

After Viki leaves, Jessica runs into Nash as she's leaving. "I had to see you," Nash says. Although she tries to stop him, Nash says, "If Antonio hadn't come home" Jessica reminds Nash that she loves Antonio and doesn't want to hurt him.

As Natalie is trying to tell John what she did at Spencer's murder scene, Rex barges in. After Natalie leaves, Rex tells John to drop Spencer's murder case! When John refuses to back off, Rex says, "You may not like what you find. You'll never catch the guy." John says, "It's a guy - not a woman?" Rex realizes that he said too much and runs out of John's office!

When Adriana goes to The Sun to thank Todd for writing up the article about Rex's innocence in the Truman case, Todd says, "If your boyfriend wants to thank me, tell him to find my kid!" Todd goes on to say that he wrote the article as a favor to Dorian. Whatever the reason, Adriana thanks him again as Jessica walks into Todd's office.

After Adriana leaves, Jessica asks Todd for a job and he hires her! "Are you ready for your first assignment?" Todd tells Jessica about Miles and instructs her to find out everything she can on him.

In his office, Bo questions Natalie about being at the murder scene. "Did you see anything that constitutes evidence?" Natalie thinks back to the crime scene and to stealing the fiber. "Am I in trouble?" Natalie asks. Bo assures her that he's just trying to find any lead that he can. "I'd like to give John something to go on," Bo says.

At the coffeehouse, Dorian tells Blair that she's going to Jamie Vega's birthday party!

At the diner, Cris listens on as Evangeline gets a call from Todd. After she hangs up, Evangeline tells Cris that something's wrong with Todd and she leaves to go see him!

After Bo brings John the forensics report on Spencer, John looks at the crime photos and says, "Talk to me Who killed Truman?"

As Jamie blows out her birthday candles, everyone gathers around while other residents of Llanview fall deeper into their own depression:

Blair looks at a copy of the Sun

Todd throws a picture of Blair, as Evangeline comes in to comfort him

Nash stares at a picture of Bree

John continues to look over the murder photos, then says, "Someone tampered with the evidence."

**The song on today's show is titled "Nothing Without You"by Bebo Norman & Mitch Dane**

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