At the diner, Vincent tells Natalie that he's not pressing charges against Cris. When Vincent asks how John is, Natalie admits that things are unpredictable with John and goes on to tell him about the fight she and John had about Spencer. Natalie slips and says, "Living with a murder suspect throws your judgment off a bit."

With her gun drawn, Officer Talia looks into the eyes of the arsonist as he stands before her with a lit lighter! "Freeze!" she screams, but the man runs away. Antonio runs to her side, and Talia points him in the direction of the arsonist. When Antonio comes back, he questions why Talia didn't take a shot at the arsonist. "You had a clear shot." Talia explains that it all happened so fast.

At the loft, Jessica assures Nash that she's not 'Tess,' and asks if he'll stay with her until her heartache passes. Jessica apologizes for not being Tess. "I know how much you miss her." However, Nash says, "No, that's not how I feel at all." Nash explains that now that he's accepted that Tess's gone, he's stuck with his feelings for Jessica. "I can't help it," Nash says. "I love Tess, but I don't want her back. If Tess came back, you'd be gone. I'd miss you." Suddenly, Jessica says, "I'd miss you, too," then kisses Nash! When they break the kiss, they look deep into each other's eyes and kiss again! Quickly, Jessica pulls Nash's shirt over his head and they land on Jess and Antonio's bed!

In the hotel suite at the Palace, from the taped will reading, Spencer talks about the man who will be inheriting his fortune. "He knows the value of loyalty and friendship." After the tape ends, Blair, Todd, Marty and John wonder "Who's this Miles guy?" Suddenly, there's someone in the doorway. "It's me," he says. "I'm Miles." The man looks totally different from the deformed man in Spencer's tape. "How can that be possible?" Blair asks. Miles credits his plastic surgery to Spencer. "I was born that way." Miles nods to the screen. "Then I met Spencer. He saved my life." Very calmly, Miles vows to make sure whoever took Spencer's life will pay for it. Todd steps up, and tells Miles, "If you ask me, Spencer could've used a few more stab wounds!" John surprises Miles by saying, "Spencer just added you to the long list of suspects in his murder!" When the lawyer hands Miles the tape, everyone leaves except Blair. She gives Miles the ring that Spencer gave her, then leaves

Marcie shows Michael the present they received: A cup with Tommy's initials on it. "I was about to read the card, but first I want to know why you're so upset?" Marcie asks. Michael blows her off and takes credit for the gift! "I wanted to do something nice for my son." Just as Marcie goes for the card, Michael manages to get it, then distracts Marcie by telling her about the reading of Spencer's will. When she goes to get lunch. Michael opens the card, which reads "Happy birthday Todd Manning JR. Love, Spencer." Michael rips it up! After dinner, Michael says that he threw the card away by accident, but Marcie looks at the cup again and says, "It's perfect!"

At the Palace, Bo and Lindsay talk about Spencer's murder and Rex's involvement. "Youre a good a role model for Rex," Lindsay smiles. "He's changed a lot. So have you, Lindsay," Bo says. Bo gets a call from the station and leaves.

In the Palace lobby, Evangeline tells Dorian about what happened upstairs after she left. "Somehow Spencer manages to poison Todd and Blair's lives," Evangeline says. Surprisingly, Dorian agrees that Blair and Todd belong together, then asks Evangeline how Cris feels about her being friends with Todd. "Excuse me," Evangeline says. "I feel like you're judging me, and I'm going to have to ask you to but out!"

When Bo arrives at the scene of the arsonist sighting, Antonio covers up for Talia!

At the diner, as Natalie explains that she did something to protect John, but that she's worried about how he'll take it, Vincent says, "If McBain can't see what he has in you, then he's a fool!" Suddenly, John's by their booth and says, "I'm a fool?" Vincent covers and says that they were talking about Valentine's Day plans. "I told her you'd be a fool if you didn't do it up right."

When they realize what they're doing is wrong, Nash quickly puts on his shirt just as Antonio walks through the door! Antonio doesn't suspect a thing, and Nash takes Bree home with him. Jessica tells Antonio that she's coming down with something, and he helps her to the couch.

In the hotel suite, Miles watches Spencer's taped will as he holds the ring that Blair gave him.

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex tells John he may not like what he comes across during the investigation of Spencer's murder.

Nash goes to Jessica.

Blair quits her job at The Sun.

John realizes that someone tampered with the murder scene.