Jack finds Todd in Victor's office at The Sun. Todd apologizes for upsetting him and explains how everything was reverted back to him. Todd wants Jack to work with him. "Do you really think I want to work with the bastard who killed my father?" Jack snaps. Todd begs Jack to give him a chance to make up for the past. Jack demands Todd look him in the eye and admit he didn't kill Victor. Todd swears he didn't. Jack doesn't believe him. Out in the hallway, Vimal is stunned to see his sister, Neela. Vimal thinks she's visiting, but Neela wants to move in with him. "You've runaway, haven't you?" Vimal asks. She admits it and doesn't want to be forced into an arranged marriage. Neela speaks of an American boy she'd like to marry one day. She begs Vimal to let her stay with him, so she can find the man of her dreams. Vimal denies her and leaves to call their parents. Jack appears, finds Neela crying and asks, "Are you okay?" She looks up, sees Jack and replies, "It's you." Later, someone appears in the doorway of the office. "You," Todd says.

At Llanfair, Viki praises Tina for what she did in court. Tina doesn't need the money. She has Cord. Ford arrives with Ryder. Viki points him toward the living room. Tina thinks it's only a matter of time before Ford and Jessica get together. Babies have a way of bringing people together, like Brody and Natalie. In the living room, Jessica tells David Vickers to quit staring at her. She waves Liam's paternity test at the dog. Jessica didn't ask to find out about it and wonders what she's supposed to do now. Ford appears and reminds Jessica it's up to her if Natalie and Brody's wedding goes off without a hitch. Jessica admits she can't take it anymore and has to tell the truth about Liam. She credits Ford and Ryder for her change of heart. Ford almost didn't find out he was Ryder's father. John, Natalie and Brody all deserve the truth. Jessica vows to tell Natalie.

Roxy calls John from the salon and asks when he's going to tell Natalie he loves her. As she rambles on, Natalie approaches Roxy, who hangs up, and asks why she was telling John to seize the day. Tina and Viki arrive. Tina's happy Natalie will be marrying the man of her dreams tomorrow and admits she almost made the mistake of marrying the wrong guy once. She called Max Cord during their vows. It was a case of having a soul mate and lying to herself. "Will you just shut up!" Natalie snaps and heads outside. Viki joins her. Over talk of John and Brody, Natalie claims John doesn't love her - but Brody does. They go back inside. Natalie apologizes to Tina and thanks her for helping with the wedding. Natalie tries on her wedding dress. Roxy liked the one she was going to marry John in better.

Marcie comes upon Destiny at the diner and tries to ease her fears over the pregnancy. John listens nearby as Marcie says there's no better feeling on earth than a baby in your arms. After Destiny leaves, John joins Marcie. He just left Michael, who's packing for their trip home. Marcie pulls no punches and urges John to tell Natalie how he feels, or he'll regret it for the rest of his life. She knows John still loves Liam. He could get past Liam's paternity and still have a family with Natalie. John reminds Marcie that Natalie's marrying Brody tomorrow. He gives Marcie a Phillies shirt for his nephew then hugs her goodbye. Roxy appears and tells John Natalie's alone at the salon.

Back at the salon, Natalie has trouble inserting Brody's name in her vows. John appears and sees Natalie in her wedding dress.

At the Manning Estate, Dani rants about where they're going to live, now that Victor's assets have been turned over to Todd. Dani's well-being is a priority to Todd. Tea begs her not to write Todd off like Jack has. Tea appears under the weather, admits she's not feeling well but assures Dani she's fine. She understands Dani needs time to accept Todd. Over talk of Victor, Tea shares that Tomas is searching for his killer. Destiny arrives, accepts some breakfast and talks about her pregnancy. Tea looks thoughtful. After the kids leave, Tea looks at the food then rushes to the bathroom to be sick. Tea wonders if she could be pregnant.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Brody gives John a warning in regards to Natalie.

Jessica tells Natalie she needs to see her immediately.

Tea takes a pregnancy test.

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