At their loft, just as Antonio and Jess settle in for a quiet romantic evening, the phone rings, there's a knock on the door and Bree begins to cry Antonio opens the door to find Nash as he takes a call requesting that he go on a stakeout. Antonio leaves for work

When Jessica questions why Nash is there, he reminds her of his scheduled visit. However, seeing as Bree's asleep, they decide to postpone the visit. As Nash heads to the door, Jessica has a dizzy spell. "Jessica, are you pregnant again?" Nash asks. "No," Jessica says, but explains that she's been feeling funny. "Is that you, Jessica?" Nash looks close and wonders if she's in fact Tess!

Antonio and Talia wait at the site of the latest fire with hopes that the arsonist with return to the scene of the crime. Realizing that he doesn't have a signal, Antonio walks around to the side of the building to call Jessica. Suddenly, someone comes around the corner and Talia pulls out her gun. "Freeze!"

In the diner, when Starr expresses to Cole how wrong it is to be sneaking around, Cole asks if she wants to break up. "NO!" Starr tells Cole, then says that she thinks that she knows someone who can help them.

After Starr leaves, Cole runs into Tate and confesses that he was the reason why Tate got called to talk at the school assembly. "I was the jerk who used steroids," Cole says. Tate and Cole have a conversation about the dangers of steroids.

At the Palace, Paige tells Bo that she received a call from a dead man, then names off allof the people who also received a call. "Whatever's going on up there, I want no part of it," Paige says.

At the Palace, everyone watches Spencer on the TV. "I'm dead, but I'm still inside your heads," Spencer says. John demands that the lawyer stop the tape and tell them what's going on! The lawyer goes on to explain that the tape was legally made by Spencer before he died. "This is Spencer's Will." Everyone agrees to sit back and watch the tape Spencer states his wealth and says that although they won't get a penny, he's made sure that they will all get exactly what they deserve! The lawyer stands by waiting to handout Spencer's gifts to those in the room

To Marty: "The only reason that you helped me was to get back at Todd Manning." Marty receives her medical diploma in a gold frame! Marty leaves

To Evangeline: "Your belief in Todd Manning was sickening, but admirable." Evangeline receives a famous 'law' statue.

To Dorian: "I made David leave you at the altar." Dorian receives a mirror so that she can stare at the only person who actually loves her! Dorian storms out

To Todd: "You'll never find your son." Todd receives the baby blanket that Spencer used to wrap 'Little TJ' in. "TJ's new parents will also receive a gift from me today," Spencer states.

The tape is briefly stopped as Michael is paged to the hospital. Michael leaves

At home, Marcie confides in Lindsay that she wishes that she could be the one to figure out who murdered Spencer. Just as Lindsay leaves, Starr comes in with a package for Marcie. "Roxy said that this was left at the front desk for you." Marcie decides to wait for Michael to open the present. When Starr asks for advice about her and Cole, Marcie doesn't want to get involved and suggests that Starr should just lay low for a while. "Watch your back, too," Marcie says, then tells Starr about Britney offering to spy on her.

After Starr leaves, Marcie finds that she can't wait for Michael and quickly rips open the package! Inside, she pulls out a baby cup engraved with the initials TMJ. Just as Marcie is opening the card, Michael storms through the door and says, "Marcie wait!"

When Dorian runs into Paige and Bo downstairs at the Palace, she tells Paige to get upstairs! "We had to endure Spencer's drama, so do you!" After Paige heads up, Bo asks Dorian to join him for a drink. As Bo goes to the bar, Dorian stays back and calls Lindsay, "Get over to the Palace now!" Shortly after, Lindsay arrives and Dorian directs her to join Bo at the bar

Paige enters the suite and Todd immediately shows her the blanket and asks if his son was wrapped it! "I think," Paige says.

Spencer's reading of the will continues

To Blair: "I've made sure that you and Todd can never be together because he'll never forgive you for sleeping with me." Blair receives the engagement ring that Spencer had given to her before his death.

To Paige: "Even though you didn't kill Thomas McBain on the operating table, you were a sorry excuse for a doctor." Paige receives a cheap bottle of wine. "Don't drink and slice," Spencer says.

"At last," Spencer says. "To the brothers McBain

To Michael: "Keep an eye on your big brother."

To John: "I killed your father!" John receives a challenge. "Find my killer and make him pay!"

Everyone watches as Spencer turns on a TV and states that he's leaving his entire estate to a past, deformed patient named Miles.

Everyone looks closely at the man on the screen

Next on One Life to Live:

As Nash & Jessica share a tender moment, their walls of restraint slowly begin to break

Everyone wonders... "Who is Miles?"