At Rodie's, when Michael approaches Rex to talk in private, Adriana tells Michael, "It's okay, I know what you did and I don't blame you." Just then, Marcie approaches. "Blame you for what?" Michael makes up a story, then sends Marcie off to work. Adriana, Rex and Michael sit down and talk about Tommy's paternity, then Rex changes the subject and comments that John's working on the Truman case and asks Michael, "There isn't any evidence lying around, is there?" Surprisingly, Michael says, "If there is, my brother will find it." Rex states that if there was no evidence left behind, John shouldn't find anything. "Let's hope," Michael says.

In the diner, Evangeline, Cris and Carlotta wonder who would've tried to set Cris up. When Evangeline sees Todd, she goes to him and finds out that Blair left him for good. Cris stares on

At Dorian's, Starr ignores Blair's attempt to make amends and snaps at Dorian that 'her mother' is trying to keep her away from Cole. Before she leaves for school, Starr warns 'her mommy dearest' that she'll be seeing Cole today! The door slams shut! Blair puts in a call to the principal and threatens that if she doesn't keep Cole Thornhart away from her daughter, they're going to have a big problem!

At home, when Marty demands that Cole stay away from Starr, Cole says, "You're just mad that I have someone in my life and you don't!" After Cole apologizes, he leaves for school. Marty calls the chancellor of the school and warns that if the principal doesn't keep Cole and Starr apart, Marty's going to sue the school board!

In bed, Natalie asks John, "Do you think we have what it takes to spend the rest of our lives together?" John stresses that they need to fix their relationship. "We need to trust each other," John says. When Natalie asks if he meant what he said to Bo about not covering up for someone - even someone he loves, John says yes. "Well," Natalie says, thinking back on taking the fiber from the crime scene. "I guess that's where you and I are different, John."

When Marcie arrives at school, awaiting an assembly, she gets instructions from the chancellor to make sure that Cole and Starr stay away from each other! Marcie has no choice but to say, "Yes, sir." The chancellor takes the podium and introduces Tate Harmon, a Llanview graduate turned professional baseball player, who's there to talk about drugs. Suddenly, a student calls out, "Hey, Thornhart, look in the mirror." Tate delivers a well-taken speech about the risks of taking drugs.

After the assembly, Britney offers her services to Marcie and says that she'll spy on Starr and Cole for her. Marcie turns down her offer!

Starr enters the diner, sees Todd, then quickly turns around.

Abruptly, throughout Llanview, a call goes out to those who have crossed Spencer's path When the calls are answered, the residents of Llanview hear the voice of a dead man demanding that they all come to the Palace Hotel in Suite 2131 in an hour! "Come alone!" All over Llanview, everyone scrambles to the Palace Hotel thinking that Spencer only summoned each as an individual.

When the coast is clear, Starr and Cole meet in the diner and talk about what happened at the assembly. "You made a mistake and learned your lesson," Starr says. Cole takes Starr's hand and says, "I only care about what one person thinks."

At the diner, Adriana runs into Tate Harmon as she's leaving to find Rex. While a fan asks for Tate's autograph, Adriana slips out and Carlotta gives Tate the sundae that Adriana had ordered.

Back at Rodie's when Marcie asks Rex where Michael is, Rex lies and says that he's in surgery.

Alone in John's room, Natalie recites how she's going to confess to John that she stole evidence from the crime scene. "What have I done?"

At the Palace, John enters the hotel suite to find Michael. Marty, Evangeline, Dorian, Blair and Todd shortly follow As they patiently wait, a clock alarm goes off, then there's a knock at the door. John pulls his gun on the man at the door! It's an attorney of Spencer's He comes in with a tape Spencer comes over the TV screen and says, "Well, I'm dead and I bet that you want to know why you're here"

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