At the jail, Jack denies confessing to anything. Starr orders him to tell the cops their father is innocent. Tomas is brought in and lashes out at the guard, who calls Starr a bitch. Jack threatens to write a follow-up on his sister, the criminal. After the guard leaves, Starr tells Tomas Jack just confessed to framing Todd. Jack denies it and leaves.

Rex stands before Gigi's grave. He wonders what her message means and asks, "Don't give what up?" Delphina appears. Rex shows her Gigi's note and asks, "Can you ask her about this?" Delphina impatiently calls out to Gigi. After three times, she screams, "Give me a sign!" Delphina hears a crash. When she can't get through to Gigi, Rex asks Delphina to send him back in time, so he can saved Gigi from being killed by Jack. Delphina would if she could, but the portal only opens every twenty years, next time in 2028. She offers to pencil Rex in then walks off. Rex vows to never stop loving Gigi and thinks back to happy times with her. Now he has to let her go… Nearby, Jack panics at Victor's grave. He apologizes for lying about seeing Todd kill him. Delphina appears and accuses Jack of having a guilty conscience.

Kim sits with Stacy at the special care facility. She holds Rex's gun and seethes about Echo ignoring her calls. Kim doesn't want to leave Stacy but has to deal with Echo and Roxy. She kisses Stacy's hand and leaves. Stacy moves her hand, reaches out to the photo of her and Kim and knocks it to the floor. The glass frame breaks. This is the crash Delphina picked up on.

Roxy barges into the Buchanan Mansion, worried about Kim's blackmail. Echo ignores a call from Kim then shows Roxy a newspaper. The cops have their man. It isn't Rex. Roxy reminds Echo that Rex had motive to kill Victor. If the cops get Rex's gun, he's toast. Kim arrives. Echo hands Kim some papers, stating that Clint's fortune reverts back to him. They're signed by Rex. Kim wonders if the papers are for real. Echo assures her they are. Kim hands over Rex's gun, orders Echo to tell Rex to start packing and leaves. Echo admits to Roxy that she signed the papers. Rex returns and wonders why Echo and Roxy are talking about him.

Kim returns to Stacy's bedside. She finds the smashed framed photo and wonders how it broke. Kim notes how different they look now. Sleeping in the bed, Stacy looks just like Gigi!

Tea enters the cabin and interrupts Todd and Blair's kiss. Blair claims she was trying to keep Todd awake and gets Todd some water. Tea pops some meds into Todd's mouth. Blair orders him to wash them down. Tea fills them in on Starr and Tomas. Neither of them is out on bail. Blair's stunned that Tomas pled guilty to murder. She feels horrible for sending Tomas to the dock and blames Todd for everything, especially when Tea says the mayor is holding Starr, hoping to flush Todd out. Blair leaves. Todd offers to turn himself in if Tea tells him she believes he's being setup. She believes him, but they need to figure out who did kill Victor. Todd makes jokes about how long the list of possible killers will be then apologizes to Tea for badmouthing Victor. Tea looks around the cabin and recalls the last time she was there with Victor, who was so upset after finding Starr and Dani there with James and Nate. Victor got violent when it came to his daughters. He would've killed Nate and Cole. Victor was terrified that Jack would turn into him. "You mean me," Todd says. Over talk of Gigi's death, and the heartache her family's gone through, Tea says, "I think I know who killed Victor. Rex Balsom."

Blair rushes into the jail, promises to get Starr out and updates her on Todd. Starr relays that she caught Jack in a lie. He's proud of causing this whole mess. She begs Blair to get Jack to come clean or else Todd will never be able to come home. Blair promises to tell Hope Starr will be home soon then walks over to Tomas and apologizes. "It is not your fault," Tomas assures Blair, who wonders what's going to happen to him, to them. She begs Tomas to change his plea. He urges Blair to convince Jack to tell the truth. Jack's confession will save Tomas and Todd. Later, Starr asks Tomas to take Blair's advice and worries about the results of Jack's lies.

Blair finds Jack at Victor's grave, just as he whispers, "No one's going to make me change my story."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd works with Tea to figure out who killed Victor.

Shane recalls the night of Victor's murder.

Cutter arrives at the special care facility with a plan.

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