Natalie calls Viki from the loft, who prays Todd is okay. Outside her door, David Vickers the dog sniffs at a copy of The Sun. She rushes away when Natalie appears for the paper. Viki alerts Natalie to the byline on the article about Scarface. Jack wrote it. Natalie heads back inside and the dog follows unseen. Natalie and Viki talk about their relationships with Jessica and Tina then hang up. When Natalie heads to the shower, David Vickers approaches Liam's playpen. They introduce themselves. "I have news," David Vickers says. "And it's not good." It's about Liam's parents. "What?" Liam asks. "Am I adopted?" The dog tells Liam his dad isn't Brody Lovett. It's some guy named John McBain. Liam thinks David Vickers is full of it. They exchange baby/dog insults. The dog promises to bring back proof then leaves.

At his apartment, Ford wonders where Jessica got the paternity results. She explains how she found them in Tina's dog's carrier. She almost told Brody. Ford wonders why she didn't. This would blow Brody and Natalie out of the water. Ford wouldn't blame her for wanting to hurt them. Jessica doesn't want to hurt Brody. Ford thinks maybe Jessica doesn't want Natalie to be happy with John. Ford would show John the test, but says what Jessica does is up to her.

Over at Llanfair, Clint happily interrupts Tina and Cord from kissing. Tina makes excuses then rushes off to find her dog. Clint begs Cord to tell him he's not sleeping with Tina. Cord admits he's never been able to let go of Tina. Clint urges him to try and reminds Cord of Tina's deception. Cord brings up his bond with Tina and compares it to Clint's connection to Viki. Clint doesn't like the comparison, but Cord pushes forward. Would Clint like to reconnect with Viki? Clint denies it and warns Cord not to go there with Tina.

Tina enters Viki's office at The Banner, wanting her to help find her dog. David Vickers is missed and has a huge Twitter following! Viki can't believe Tina would think she'd help her. Tina throws out the sister card and wonders why Viki holds Tina to different standards than Victor and Todd. Viki's not sure. Tina claims she didn't come home for Victor's money. She needed Viki and thought Viki needed her too. Tina shares how she and Cord nearly kissed. She has faith that something would've happened had Clint not interrupted. Tina wants to be her best, and Cord brings that out in her. She pleads with Viki to let her make things right between them too. If Viki gives her one more chance, Tina promises to never disappoint their family again. Viki agrees and they hug. However, Viki refuses to put David Vickers the dog on the front page of The Banner because she's not missing. Viki looks toward the door, as David Vickers barks. Tina scoops her up and places the dog in her carrier. David Vickers looks around inside and doesn't see Liam's paternity results.

Jack throws a copy of The Sun at Starr through her cell. They argue over Todd. Starr snaps, grabs Jack through the bars and reminds him that their father took a bullet for them. He thinks she's trying to trick him, like James did. If Todd dies, Starr will blame Jack. Jack stills blames Todd for Victor's death and slips about how everything went down, just like what was said in Shaun's voicemail. Starr realizes Jack overheard what Shaun told her. That's why he ran to the police with his supposed eyewitness account. "So what if I did," Jack admits. "It's not like you can prove it."

At the cabin, Blair slaps Todd, pleading with him to wake up. "Ouch," Todd whispers. "What the hell's the matter with you?" They begin reminiscing over the first time they met. Blair wonders what else Todd remembers. "Every little bit," he replies, touching a finger to her face. They remember betting each other who was the biggest loser back then. Blair notes, in that moment, she no longer felt alone in the world. They recall their first kiss, Todd's proposal, and their first wedding. Todd admits he only married her because he thought Blair was pregnant. Tina told him she was after his money. "Tina…" Blair seethes. They think of Starr and how much Todd wanted for her. Blair assures Todd Starr will surpass all of his dreams. Talk turns to Jack and how Todd gave him away, thinking Jack was Max's. "That was the worst thing I ever did to you," Todd says. Blair nods in tears. They think of their golden wedding at The Palace, the beginning of their fairytale love story. Todd doesn't think it's over. They lean in to kiss.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex begs Delphinia to send him back in time.

There is a shocking revelation surrounding the person in the special care facility.

Tea walks in on Todd and Blair.

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