Outside of Bo's office, Antonio reminds everyone that since Cris was in custody while Antonio's building went up in flames, that his brother couldn't be the arsonist! However, Vincent's lawyer accuses Antonio of torching his own building to get Cris off! Officer Talia steps forward and says that the most recent fire fits the MO of the arsonist!

In the jail, Evangeline promises Cris that she'll get her job back, then they talk about Cris's case. Just then, the guard comes in and informs Cris that Bo wants him back upstairs.

When Cris arrives in the station, he's informed about the recent fire, then Bo says, "You're free to go." Cris walks up to Vincent and asks, "So, Vincent, do you still think I'm guilty?" Vincent makes a statement that he believes in Cris's innocence and says that he's dropping the charges against the city and Cris! Vincent's attorney is furious and storms out of the station!

Evangeline talks to Nora and says that before she returns to her job she needs to know that Evangeline will not abandon Cris. Nora puts her hand out. "No hard feelings?" The two hug, then join Antonio. Evangeline is shocked to hear that Cris already left the station - without her

When Vincent's attorney comes back, Vincent fires him and Shaun throws him out of the station!

After Clint brings Viki to the hospital to have her arm looked at, Dorian approaches him acting as though she's concerned for Viki. "This is your fault!" Clint snaps! Just as Dorian blames the horse, they both turn toward the examining room hearing Viki moan in pain. After Clint realizes that Dorian wouldn't resort to violence, Dorian suggests that they go for a horse ride! "Don't push it," Clint says, then goes into the examining room.

As Michael and Paige tell Clint that Viki may have a concussion, Viki erupts with angry! "I am not going to let Dorian get away with this!" Shortly after, Clint and Viki get word that she doesn't have a concussion, only a sprained wrist. When alone, Viki yells, "Dorian, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! I've had it with you!"

Someone - somewhere - looks to a computer screen viewing a picture of Spencer Truman's mug shot! Suddenly the person types in travel plans. Their destination Llanview, Pennsylvania! The person prints out his ticket

At the diner, Marcie tells Lindsay that although she doesn't think that Rex killed Spencer, she worries that he's protecting someone very close to him.

At her apartment, Rex tells Adriana that he knows who killed Spencer, but that he doesn't think 'this person' should pay for the crime. "Okay, who did it?" Adriana asks. Rex goes on to say that he picked up the murder weapon so his prints were the only clear prints to be found. "This person must be pretty important to you," she says. Rex refuses to tell her who the killer is and says that in order to protect her, maybe they should stop seeing each other. However, Adriana won't hear of it and Rex finally blurts out, "Michael McBain He killed Spencer!" Rex goes on to say that Michael was running away from Blair's hospital room just as Rex approached the door. "Michael knows that I know," Rex says. "Can you keep this to yourself?" Adriana stares deep into Rex's eyes and says, "We have to."

When Dorian meets Lindsay at Rodie's, she tells her about the night's events with Clint and Viki. "Oh, Lindsay, you have to help me!" They notice Bo and Paige taking a seat at a table across the room. Lindsay stares at Bo "If we play our cards right," Dorian says. "We could be sisters-in-law!" Just then, Viki and Clint join Bo and Paige.

At Rodie's, Talia comments how much she likes LLanview, then tells Antonio that she worked in New York City during 911. When Antonio tries to get Talia to open up, she gets very emotional. "I'm sorry, I don't like to talk about it." She thanks Antonio for the beer, then storms out of Rodie's.

At first when Evangeline arrives at Cris's, she's furious that he left her at the station. However, to celebrate his freedom, Cris scoops her up and takes Evangeline into the shower!

Marcie visits Michael at the hospital and is shocked when a nurse makes a comment to Michael about all the cops that 'they' saw at the hospital the 'other' night. "You were here the night that Spencer was murdered?" Marcie asks. "You told me that you were with John!" Michael assures Marcie that there's nothing to worry about and that he has a solid alibi!

Next on One Life to Live:

The death of Spencer Truman continues to pull more people under suspicion.