At the station, even though Cris claims that he's innocent, Bo has no choice but to book him. After Bo leaves, Antonio and Evangeline talk to Cris. Just then, Nora shows up and snaps at them for not listening to her! "What part of 'you're off the case' don't you understand?" Nora goes further to tell them that she's only looking out for them all. "One screw-up and Jones's lawyer will be all over us!" Suddenly, Antonio and Evangeline shock Nora by saying, "We quit!"

In his cell, Rex is haunted by flashbacks of Spencer lying on the floor. "Keep it together," Rex tells himself. Bo shows up and asks Rex to open up to him about what he saw when Spencer was killed. "From father to son," Bo says, expressing how he feels toward Rex. Although touched, Rex repeats that he went to Blair's room, saw Spencer dead on the floor, then picked up the scissors. After Bo warns Rex that John is now on the case and that he'll find the killer, Bo tells Rex that he's free to go.

At their apartment, Dorian arrives as Adriana is telling Layla how worried she is for Rex. After Layla excuses herself, Dorian tells Adriana that she could kiss Rex for killing Spencer! "He didn't kill Spencer!" Adriana says through gritted teeth as Dorian continues to rant about Rex and his shady tactics. Suddenly, Rex comes through the door. As Adriana runs into his arms, Rex informs them that Bo didn't have enough evidence to hold him. Before she leaves, Dorian tells them to call her if they need anything: money, a lawyer

Out in the hallway, Dorian says to herself, "Forgive me, Adriana, but this will be worth it!"

Alone, Rex tells Adriana, "I know who killed Spencer Truman"

At John's, when Natalie asks if John wants her to go, he leans in and says, "You don't know the first thing about what I want." While the two continue to argue, Natalie blurts out, "We'll see if you need help when you're arrested for Spencer's murder!" When John doesn't respond, Natalie makes a remark about John not wanting her to love him. "Or maybe you just don't want to love me," she goes on. As Natalie tries to leave, John takes her hand and pulls her into a passionate kiss! "Do you want to ask me how I feel about you now?" John asks, then agrees that they need to fix their problems. In his arms, Natalie and John profess how much they've missed each other! John and Natalie finally make love

At the sables on the Buchanan Estate, Vicki arrives rather irritated at Clint's idea of a date and a bit overdressed for a moonlit horse ride. However, after Clint shows her that he's wrangled up some riding clothes for her, Viki agrees to a ride After their ride, while leading the horses back to the sables, Clint and Viki reminisce about the past and agree to another date!

Undetected, Dorian watches them from behind a bush. When she steps forward, Dorian's jealousy shines through after Clint informs her that he and Viki are on a date! As Dorian and Viki bicker, Dorian startles the horses causing Viki to be thrown back!

When Layla runs into Vincent and Shaun in the park, she gives them a warning! "Back off my sister and Cris!" Vincent pulls Layla aside and tries to make her understand that all the evidence points to Cris. "What am I supposed to think?" Vincent asks.

Just as Cris tries to reason with his brother and Evangeline, Vincent, Shaun and his lawyer show up claiming that Cris is once again getting special treatment! Even after Vincent's lawyer finds out that Antonio and Evangeline are off the case, he finds a way to make it look as though they're all in on some conspiracy! After Nora instructs Officer Talia to take Cris to booking, Cris stops in front of Vincent and says, "What's the matter, Jones, are you afraid of how this will look to Natalie?" Bo orders Vincent in his office and Cris is taken away

Nora pleads with Antonio and Evangeline not to leave and warns that Bo will not take it lightly that they're using the station as a 'revolving door.'

Officer Talia goes to Antonio and tells him that if he quits, people will think that he's making a habit of slamming down his badge every time that he doesn't get his way. Just then, Antonio gets a call

In the jail, Cris tells Evangeline that he loves her more than anything and asks her to go back to Nora and tell her that she wants her job back! "Keep fighting for us," Cris says and Evangeline agrees. "All right, for us."

Antonio informs Bo, Nora, Vincent and his lawyer that they can release Cris. "I just got another call. The arsonist struck again. He burnt down one of my buildings," Antonio calmly says.

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex tells Adriana that he's worried about what Michael will do.

Marcie worries that Rex is hiding something.