At Cris's, Evangeline tells him that Nora thinks they should distance themselves in public. Although Evangeline tells Cris that she's not deserting him, Cris says that Nora is right. "That's crazy," Evangeline says, but Cris stands by his statement saying that she shouldn't risk her job. "You really believe that Nora's right?!" As Cris tries to apologize, Evangeline storms out.

After Nash falls from the ladder, he hallucinates that Tess is there and that she's screaming at him for 'falling' for Jessica Suddenly, Nash admits that he's in love with both Jessica and Tess! "Tell me the truth, Nash, do you love Jessica more than you love me?" Tess asks. Within his hallucination, Nash admits that it felt good when Jessica kissed him.

At the station, when Jessica expresses that she can't stand how Antonio has brought Nash into their lives, Antonio asks, "Is there something that happened between you and Nash that I should know about?" As they sit down, Jessica starts to explain what happened at the gym - in the steam room. Before she can go any further, Officer Talia interrupts and says that there's been another arson. After Antonio leaves, Jessica leaves a message for Nash saying that she's on her way over

In Bo's office, although Natalie claims that John was home in bed during the murder, John admits that he was at the hospital when Spencer was murdered! Bo believes John as he explains why he went to the hospital. "It wasn't for revenge," John says to Natalie. "That's all in your head." Natalie glares at John. "Is it?" Natalie storms out!

"Why does she think you needed an alibi?" Bo asks John. After John says that he doesn't know, he asks if he can come back to work. Bo says yes, but that he's not giving John the lead in Spencer's case. John agrees to see Bo tomorrow.

In the park, Blair goes off on Marty and blames her for losing her baby! "It's your fault that I can't be with Todd!" When Starr defends Marty, Blair insists that she go to Dorian's while she takes care of Marty. "Your father isn't in my life anymore," Blair tells Starr. When Starr says, "I hate you!" Blair tells her to hate Marty and that it's all her fault! Cole steps forward to defend his mother, but Marty tells him to wait in the car. "Go to Dorian's, Starr, and don't you dare go near that boy!' Blair demands!

Back at Dorian's, Starr tells Langston about the confrontation between Blair and Marty. "They expect Cole and me never to see each other!" Suddenly, Starr gets a text message from Cole, then says to Langston. "What Cole and I do is our business and they can't stop us!"

Although Marty tries to reason with Blair, Blair warns Marty to stay away from her daughter! She goes on to again blame Marty for everything bad in her life! "Keep your son away from my daughter! Who knows when he'll attack her again! Because of you getting Spencer off, I lost my baby!" Blair pushes Marty down on a park bench, then accuses Marty of using Spencer to get back at Todd!

After Blair leaves, Cole tries to comfort his mom. "We have to stay away from that family. Understood?" Marty asks Cole. Back at home, Cole tells Marty that he can handle this 'Starr thing.' "You have no idea what you're up against," Marty warns Cole. "Starr Manning could ruin your life."

"My love for you never changed, not for a single second," Nash says to Tess. "Do you mean that," Jessica asks, standing in Nash's doorway shocked! "You love me like you love Tess?" Rubbing his head, Nash realizes that he'd been hallucinating and says, "Jessica?" Nash explains that he had fallen off the ladder, then Jessica blurts out, "I was going to tell Antonio about the steam room, but I didn't. I don't want you to either." After Nash assures her that no one has to know, Jessica leaves

Evangeline goes to Bo's office and tells him about Nora's theory. Just as Bo agrees that it's best for everyone if she stays away from Cris for the time being, his phone rings. It's Antonio saying that there was another fire and that Antonio made an arrest. When Evangeline walks out of Bo's office, Antonio brings Cris in the station in handcuffs!

When Blair arrives at Dorian's, Starr goes off on her about Todd, about Cole! However, Blair screams that she better never go near Cole again! After Blair goes upstairs, Starr gets another text from Cole.

Back at John's hotel room, alone, Natalie throws her purse across the room! "Damn you, John!" When John arrives home, Natalie tells John that if he wants to break up with her, now is his chance

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