At the vineyard, while Nash is working on the house, he receives a visit from Clint. Nash takes a break and the two talk over wine. Clint confides how much he cares for Viki and Dorian, total opposites. "Sounds like Jess and Tess," Nash says. "Are you developing feelings for Jessica?" Clint asks. "Consider this a friendly warning. If you allow yourself to fall in love with her, a lot of people are going to get hurt." As his eyes tear up, Nash admits to being in love with Jessica. Clint leaves Nash with a piece of advice "Let her go."

After Clint leaves, when Nash climbs back up a ladder to continue working, he reaches for a tool and falls to the ground below! Suddenly, Nash thinks he sees Tess who says, "I have a bone to pick with you, you jerk!"

While jogging through the park, Jessica runs into Marty. When Marty wishes that Spencer could have gotten help to avoid further tragedy, Jessica feels no sympathy for Spencer. Marty changes the subject and asks if Jessica's feelings toward Nash have gone away. Jessica admits that they've only gotten stronger and explains what happened between them at the spa! "I kissed Nash back. I cheated on my husband." Jessica expresses how guilty she feels. "For what happened or because you still have feelings for Nash?" Marty asks, then suggests that Jessica talk this out with someone. Nash? Antonio?

After Marty leaves, Jessica thinks back on the conversation between her and Nash in the sauna

At St. Anne's, Antonio asks Addie if she can confirm that Todd was there last night. "I'm sorry, I can't," Addie says. When Todd jumps up and demands to know why Addie is lying, Addie claims that she had promised Todd that she wouldn't tell Blair that he was there last night. "Yes, I was here! I wanted Addie to convince Blair that by refusing to marry me she'd be making the biggest mistake of her life!" Todd yells! With an alibi, Antonio is forced to leave Todd alone and heads back to the station...

Addie begs Blair to marry Todd, "Please say yes." Blair looks to Todd. To prevent further upsetting her mom, Blair tells Addie that she'd think about it. When Addie goes to take her medicine, Todd suggests that they go home and talk. However, Blair informs him that she's taking the kids and moving to Dorian's. "How am I supposed to live without you!" Todd snaps. "There's so many bad times, Todd," Blair stresses. "I can't survive you anymore." As Blair goes to leave, Todd takes her in a kiss With a final touch to his lips, Blair says, "Goodbye."

In Bo's office, when John demands to be the lead investigator in Spencer's case, Bo asks, "Why does it have to be you, John? You're not healthy. Although Natalie protests, John assures Bo that he needs to come back to work. However, Bo says that John's too close to the Truman case. When Natalie keeps butting in, John tells her to leave and Bo enforces it!

Outside Bo's office, Natalie thinks back to taking the fiber from the crime scene.

Alone in his office, Bo tells John that he understands his need to be involved in the case, but that some of the suspects are well known to him. "Are you anxious to run the case because someone you know is the killer?" Bo asks. "What about Paige?" John counters. John goes on to say that he'd never cover up a crime for someone he knows. "No matter how much I care about them." However, Bo doesn't budge. "I'm not letting you near the case." Just as Natalie bursts in, Bo continues to John, "How do I know that you didn't kill Truman?" Natalie comes to John's defense and says that he was home in bed all night! However, John says, "Don't listen to her, Bo. No I wasn't"

Someone, somewhere does an Internet search on Spencer Truman

In the library, Cole and Starr secretly talk through a bookcase, wishing that they could be together. Cole reaches through an opening between books and takes Starr's hand. "Someday" They agree to meet later right before a teacher almost catches Starr. As a front, Starr pretends to have found the book that she was looking for: Romeo and Juliet.

Back at the station, Antonio fills Officer Talia in on Blair and Todd's past and all the lies surrounding it. "If my wife lied to me" Antonio says. "It would be a deal breaker." Although marriage isn't easy, Antonio says it's worth it. From the hallway, Jessica observes Antonio telling Officer Talia that the most important part of a marriage is trust.

Jessica approaches Antonio and says, "I wanted to talk to you. Something happened"

When Addie returns, Todd tells her that Blair left him. However, Addie reminds Todd that he needs to let Blair go and that she'll come back to him - if they were meant to be.

In the park, Cole and Starr are caught being together by Marty. Just then, Blair rounds the corner and says, "Starr? Marty, what the heck are you doing with my kid!"

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair blames Marty for everything that is bad in her life.