Natalie visits Foxy Roxy's and admits Rex is seeing Gigi. She doesn't think Delphina's clue, 'Spotted Pony', means anything. Roxy warns Delphina's clues never fail. Natalie brings up Delphina's message about her own life. Talk turns to the recorder and how the tape is blank. Roxy wonders if Gigi erased it. Natalie remembers John thinking Brody did and is sure whatever was on it was about Liam. Roxy suggests Natalie use Delphina to get answers and says, "A part of me believes you and Johnny belong together."

Everyone's stunned to see Irene at Llanfair. Irene tells Viki she left Tina with her to reunite two sisters. Irene's happy to see her sons have been reunited as well. T.M. shows her the missing diary page. Irene admits she gave birth to twin boys. Victor cut her off. Irene couldn't afford twins. After she gave birth, she gave one to Peter to raise, the one she named Todd. Irene raised the other one, Victor Lord Jr. John thanks Brody for his help then sends him off. T.M. and Todd are confused. Irene explains she met a man who got her involved in the CIA. She was finally able to provide for Victor Jr. Viki wonders why both men think they are Todd Manning and have the same memories. John gets the DNA results. The men are twins. He hides a recorder then leaves Irene to explain her story. She kept close tabs on Todd, as did Victor and speaks of Todd's inheritance. She wanted Victor Jr. to get his share and more. Her people approached Todd with an offer to serve their country. Todd remembers. He said no. T.M. said no too. Irene confirms Todd threatened to expose them and had to be eliminated. Todd realizes that's why Tomas tried to kill him. Viki's appalled. Irene had stopped thinking of Todd as her son. Tomas found Todd beaten and left for dead. Instead of having Todd killed, Irene had him brought to her. All three of them were together again, both sons with the same face. Neither man remembers being brought to Irene. Irene explains that Victor Jr. took on Todd's memories for preparation for becoming Todd. She'd ask Todd a question, he'd reply then Victor Jr. would repeat his answer. Before long Victor Jr. knew everything there was to know about Todd, which led him to believe he was Todd. "Now they were truly identical, except for one thing," Irene replies and remembers telling Victor Jr. goodbye then carving a scar in his face. Viki wonders which man is Victor Jr. and which is Todd.

Joey finds Kelly crying in the nursery upstairs. Kelly misses Zane and is going back to London as soon as possible. Brody appears to take Liam. Kelly urges Brody to treasure every moment with him. After Brody leaves, Joey insists on going to London with Kelly, who couldn't be happier. She worries about giving Dorian the news.

Back downstairs, Brody promises Liam he won't let Todd destroy their family. He runs into John and admits he and Natalie are looking for a place of their own, with Liam. John acknowledges that their life isn't his business. Later, Natalie arrives and privately asks John if she can borrow the tape found in the recorder. She needs answers from Delphina.

Dorian enters the disheveled living room of the mansion and thinks they've been robbed. "It was me," David replies and tells Dorian about having to locate Irene's diary for the two Todds. Dorian reflects how Irene's diary saved her life. David found it. It proved Dorian didn't kill Victor Lord. Things turn romantic until David gets a call from his agent, who has a thing for him. He autographs his first headshot to Dorian then rushes off. The phone rings. Dorian assures David's agent, 'the bitch', that he's on his way. It's not his agent. Dorian hangs up, troubled. Kelly arrives. Both women have something to tell the other.

At Capricorn, Cutter looks at Rex and tells Aubrey, "Our next mark." Aubrey's reluctant. Cutter assures her it'll work, as long as she doesn't fall in love with Rex like Joey. Across the room, Rex does an internet search for 'Spotted Pony'. Cris appears and gives Rex Gigi's self-portrait from his art class. Later, Aubrey approaches Rex, looks at Gigi's portrait and says, "She was beautiful." Rex thinks she still is. Cris returns with some printouts on everything 'Spotted Pony'. Rex sees Gigi again and rushes after her. He runs into David, who calls out, "Watch where you're going." Aubrey rejoins Cutter and admits she can't seduce a guy in mourning. Cutter and David hear Rex was looking into the 'Spotted Pony' and clearly know what it means.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

'Spotted Pony' causes a reaction from David and Cutter.

Kelly and Dorian make decisions about their future.

The real Todd Manning is revealed.

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