John, Tomas and Brody barge into Irene's office. John orders Irene to put her hands up. She does but lifts her knee beneath the desk. Irene warns they're in a high security facility. John reveals that they disarmed the alarm under her desk then puts Irene under arrest for the attempted murder of Todd Manning. Irene wishes she had killed Tomas when she had the chance. John orders Irene to tell them who the real Todd is. She refuses. John reminds her no one knows about the facility. They could kill her and no one would know.

Todd grabs the diary first at Llanfair. T.M. wonders if he's afraid of what it'll prove and grabs it out of his hands. "Todd," Viki calls out. Both men reply, "What?" Viki orders them to be quiet. Clint's settling in. Viki hears how they got the diary, leafs through it and says, "This might be what we're looking for." Viki reads how Irene became pregnant again. Victor doubted the baby was his. She admits to turning her baby boy over to Peter, hoping he'd give her baby a better life than she could give him. She was glad at least one of her children would have a decent life. She missed her little boy but thought she'd be all right because she still had… "The next page is missing," Viki informs. It was cut out. As T.M. and Todd argue, Viki says, "God help me if you are both my brothers." Just then, John and Brody arrive with Irene.

Blair arrives at the Manning Estate and explains that Tomas admitted it was his job to kill Todd when he worked for the CIA. He has no idea who the real Todd is but left with John to find out. Tea ponders how she and Blair couldn't know for themselves. Did they want Todd back so badly that they believed Todd was really Todd when he returned with a new face? Tea admits, looking back, Todd was different in bed. They discuss Todd's past intimacy issues. Tea claims Todd can't get enough now. Blair admits T.M. kissed her. It felt familiar, but after she kissed Tea's Todd it felt the same. Tea's furious Blair kissed her husband. She shoves her, throws things and screams, "You better get the hell out of here!" Tomas appears and break things up. They found the one person who can tell them about both Todds.

Dani runs into Destiny outside the mansion and hears she couldn't go through with the abortion. Dani wonders if she's having the baby because that's what Nora wants. What does Destiny want? "I want Matthew back," Destiny replies and explains how Nora and Bo offered to raise the baby. If Matthew doesn't make it, Destiny wouldn't forgive herself. She vows to make sure her baby knows who its mother and father is. Dani brings up not knowing who her dad is and fills Destiny in. They're both appreciative of having supportive moms.

After slapping Nora at the courthouse, Mrs. Evans rants about how she changed Destiny's mind. She's decided to have the baby. Mrs. Evan understands Nora's need to hold on to her child, but she's gone too far in manipulating Destiny. Nora assures her she and Bo will raise the baby. Mrs. Evans knows Destiny won't be able to give up the baby after carrying it for nine months. Nora apologizes. She wants Destiny to be as much a part of the baby's life as she wants to be. Nora offers to talk to Destiny and hears she's out of time. It's too late for an abortion. "I'm so sorry," Nora cries. Mrs. Evans finds the good in this. It brought Destiny back to her. She hopes it happens for Nora too and promises to continue to pray for Matthew. Nora hopes they can find a way to get along. Mrs. Evans can't think about that yet. Her main priority is Destiny.

Baz finds Starr at Capricorn. While in Paris, Baz's mom warned him how crazy his father is. He recalls the messages Tomas has been leaving him. Starr knows what they're about and reveals the tale of two Todds. Baz takes it all in then offers to distract Starr with music. Starr admits James has been distracting her. Baz is surprised to hear she told James he kissed her. Starr claims the kiss didn't mean anything. James isn't worried about it. Baz guesses Starr and James hooked up. She admits it and expresses still wanting to work with Baz. She shows him Langston's music from the high school musical. Baz thinks there's a way to get it out of high school and into the clubs. They get ready to record Starr's vocals.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki and the two Todds eagerly wait for answers.

Aubrey sets her sights on Rex.

Joey offers to go to London with Kelly.

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