Viki brings Todd and Starr breakfast at the hospital and watches over Blair as she sleeps. "I think we should give whoever killed Spencer a medal," Todd says. When Todd worries that Blair may never get over this, Starr stands up and screams for Todd to stay positive. Suddenly, Blair wakes up crying, "I don't know what Spencer did to me."

When Michael comes out of the shower, Marcie tells him that Spencer was murdered last night. "You don't seem surprised," Marcie says. "I already knew," Michael replies and claims that he and John found out last night. Marcie is furious that Michael kept the news from her! After she calms down, Michael says that the sooner everyone forgets about Spencer, the better off everyone will be. "I would die for you two." Michael pulls Marcie and Tommy close. Before Michael leaves for work, Marcie rambles on about her theory on 'what if' Todd killed Spencer. Suddenly, Michael blows up and tells her that this isn't one of her murder novels and that she doesn't know the facts! Michael quickly realizes what he said and pleads for Marcie to forgive him. Instead, Marcie turns on the TV and they see that Rex is the main suspect in Spencer's murder. "Rex couldn't have done it. He's a good guy," Michael says. Michael leaves for work and Marcie says to Tommy, "Uncle Rex can't be a killer, can he?"

Lying in bed, Natalie tells John that she can't stop thinking about Spencer lying there dead. After John thanks her for going to the scene, Natalie goes to get him breakfast. When she returns, Natalie demands to know what John was doing at the hospital last night! John says that he just went there to visit Michael, but Natalie says, "I don't believe you." "Well, that's too bad!" John responds. When Natalie goes on to say that she overheard John and Marty's conversation, John becomes furious! "You were eavesdropping on us!" Natalie tries to explain that it was unintentional, but says that she's glad she overheard! "So, I'm not trustworthy?" When John asks if there's a reason that he should trust her, Natalie says, "Because there isn't anything that I wouldn't do to protect you." Before Natalie leaves, she says, "You're capable of making a mistake, John. When you do, I hope no one finds out." After she goes, John splashes some water on his face and looks at his reflection in the mirror.

In Bo's office, Bo tells Antonio that although he doesn't think that Rex is guilty, he's hiding something. "I called Adriana, hopefully she can get through to him," Bo says. However, Antonio reminds Bo that Rex's prints were everywhere and that they have to be sensible about this case. Just then, Officer Talia brings Bo Blair's rape kit results: Negative. As Bo heads out to question Blair, Officer Talia suggests that Blair would be more comfortable talking to a woman and Bo agrees. Officer Talia leaves for the hospital.

Adriana goes to the jail and asks if Rex knows who murdered Spencer. "Bo thinks that you do." Rex explains why he was at the hospital and that Spencer was lying on the floor when he entered Blair's room. "Bo caught me with the murder weapon in my hand." Adriana flips out that Rex didn't call her for help, then assures Rex that she knows he didn't kill Spencer. "Just tell Bo what you know." When Rex claims to know nothing, Adriana says, "I don't believe you." However, Rex says that she already knows too much, then states, "Just trust in me, believe in me." "Always," Adriana says.

After Rex is brought up to Bo's office for questioning, Bo demands to know why he was really at the hospital, but Rex refuses. Bo has no choice but to send Rex back to his cell.

Just as they get Blair calmed down, Officer Talia shows up for questioning and informs Todd that an officer is going to take him to the station for questioning. Despite his objection, Todd goes. Although Blair asks Starr to wait outside during questioning, she asks Viki to stay. "I want you to tell me everything that you can remember," Officer Talia begins. Although Blair remembers what Spencer said and did before he gave her the final dose of drugs, she has no memory of what he did after. "Is there anything else that you remember?" However, Blair's mind is a blank and the officer leaves. When Starr comes back in, she tells Blair and Viki that Todd was taken to the station for questioning. "Todd did not kill Spencer," Viki says. However, Starr says that if he walked in on Spencer hurting Blair, her father could've done it.

At the station, Todd tells Adriana, "Tell Rex that the lawyer's on me! He's in for a big bonus!" However, Adriana screams that Rex is not a killer!

Bo calls Todd into his office and asks Todd for an alibi.

Still at the station, Antonio warns Adriana that if Rex doesn't come clean, he's going to be in trouble. "He has to be protecting someone," Adriana says. "Do you know who?" Antonio asks.

When Lindsay arrives at Marcie's to give her support, Marcie says, "We know that Rex couldn't have done it, don't we?"

When Michael goes to see Rex, Rex jumps up and says, "What're you doing here?" "We need to talk," Michael responds.

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair is caught trying to leave Llanview Hospital.

When questioned, Todd claims that he was with Addie at St. Ann's during the murder.

Rex assures Michael that their secret about Tommy's paternity will remain safe.

John wants control of Spencer's murder case.