Todd finds John in his office at The Sun. John claims he's looking for clues as to who knocked Jack out then leaves. Jack appears and suggests John's out to get him. Jack wishes Gigi hadn't died. He blames himself. Todd warns Jack to move on and never look back.

At John's, T.M. listens as Tomas claims there are some things about Todd he should know. Before Tomas can reveal the privileged information, he has to go, but promises to meet John at the premiere. John arrives. He got Manning's DNA sample and has to bring it to the lab. T.M. relays his conversation with Tomas. John has to go to the premiere. John's furious as T.M. talks about Roxy's visit and pretending to be him on the phone. John wonders if he's trying to get himself killed. T.M. orders John to go change and says, "It's black-tie." John warns he's posting a trustworthy cop outside the door. T.M. better not think about leaving. Later, T.M. turns on the red carpet coverage from the "Vicker Man" premiere.

Over at the Manning Estate, Tea scolds Baz for eavesdropping on Tomas' call. Baz wants to know what's going on with his father. Tea forces Tomas to admit he was in the CIA and tried to save Todd. He refuses to say anymore.

Rex watches the red carpet coverage at the Buchanan Mansion. Shane appears and reluctantly shows Rex his latest comic about bad guys always getting away with murder. Rex promises it won't happen this time. Shane doesn't care what Rex is planning and says, "Mom will still be dead." Later, Rex looks at a broken framed photo of Gigi and decides he has to go forward with his plan in order for Shane to move on. Rex takes a gun from the safe.

At the mansion, Starr tells Blair James can't attend the premiere, due to work. Blair suggests she hang out with Tomas' son then rushes off. Markko arrives to surprise Starr. They catch up over Langston, who couldn't make it home, then talk about James, Cole and Baz. Starr assures Markko Langtson's over-exaggerating when claiming Starr can't stop talking about Baz. After Markko leaves for the premiere, Blair reappears, wearing the earrings Todd gave her for their first wedding. Blair's wearing them for Tomas, who captured them in his painting. Tomas and Baz arrive. Blair heads out with Tomas. Starr makes it clear to Baz they're going to the premiere as friends.

Blanca reports from The Palace, as Dorian and David arrive on the red carpet. Dorian's wearing 'Gammie' (as in head of "OLTL" wardrobe Susan Gammie) and becomes upset when Ionia arrives in the same gown. The women trade barbs then go their separate ways. Dorian and David find Markko and inform him they had to make some changes in the final cut. Rick joins Blanca, who doesn't know who he is. "You will very soon," Rick assures. Across the room, Ford had hoped he'd be at his own premiere by now, not waiting tables at one. Talk turns to Deanna leaving. Ford wonders how she got the twenty grand to pay the lawyer then alerts Nate to the 'porno guy'. Nate rushes over to Rick, with Ford following. Ford suspects Nate took part in Rick's film and warns him about doing porn. He'll never get any respect as an actor. Dani appears and asks, "What's going on?" Nate claims Ford's depressed about not be part of the film. Markko joins them and thanks Ford for his success. Ford was a good teacher. Markko takes a few more jabs at Ford then walks off. Vimal arrives with his parents, who wonder where Rama is. Just as he's about to tell them the truth, Rama appears with an evident baby-bump. The Patels rub her tummy then go for drinks. "Lucky for you," Rama tells Vimal. "Cristian Vega got me pregnant." She asked Cris to help her so Rama could help Vimal. He questions her motives but halts further conversation when Mrs. Patel reappears. Blanca questions the Mannings. Starr, Baz, Blair and Tomas join them. Blair wonders if Todd recognizes her earrings. He doesn't, but Tomas does. When John arrives, Blair excuses herself. "You have something to tell me about Todd Manning?" John questions Tomas. Dorian takes the stage and introduces the film. The lights dim. "Someday it's going to be you up there," Dani whispers to Nate. "Vicker Man" begins then stops. "We seem to be having a technical difficulty," Dorian apologizes. The film restarts but "Hold The Diploma" airs instead. Everyone gasps and watches as Nate drops his graduation gown onscreen.

Back at John's, T.M. recognizes Blair's earrings as the ones he gave her. He grabs John's tux and says, "I think maybe I'm going to a party."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

T.M. overpowers Agent Baker and takes his tux and gun.

Things don't go as planned and drama and unexpected surprises erupt at the premiere of "Vicker Man."

Tomas makes a shocking accusation regarding Todd and claims he's not the real Todd Manning.

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