Cris is at Foxy Roxy's when Roxy's new manicurist arrives. It's Rama. After Roxy leaves, Cris and Rama clear the air. She hears Mrs. Patel call out and convinces Cris to handle her. While Rama hides, she listens to Vimal's mom talk about her and the baby she's carrying.

Viki stops Natalie at the hospital. Is Natalie with Brody because it's convenient or do they really love each other? "Enough to sacrifice your relationship with your sister?" Viki finishes. Natalie doesn't want to lose Jessica but wants a family. "What about John?" Viki persists. Natalie and Brody don't plan to live at the Angels Square Hotel. Viki was talking about Natalie's feelings for John. Natalie will always care for John, but she refuses to feel guilty for wanting to be happy.

Rex enters Clint's hospital room and says, "I need something from you." He wants Clint to convince Dorian to drop the charges against Echo. Clint already gave Rex enough. Rex asks Clint to do it for Shane, dials Dorian's number and hands his cell to Clint.

At the mansion, Dorian can't decide what dress to wear to the premiere. David appears. Talk turns to Echo and Rex's quest to get her released. Dorian doesn't think Clint would help Rex. After David leaves, Clint calls and warns if Dorian doesn't drop the charges against Echo, he'll have her charged with attempted murder. Blair answers the door to Tomas, who's there to come clean. Blair listens as Tomas explains being a former CIA agent. He cares about Blair and wonders where they stand. Dorian catches Blair kissing Tomas, who agrees to go to the premiere with Blair. After Blair leaves for the salon, Dorian tells Tomas she hopes he can end Blair's Todd Manning cycle.

Back in Clint's room, Rex says, "You make a good bully." Clint knows about the company Rex set up to get back at Todd and warns, "You're playing a very dangerous game." Clint worries about Rex's thirst for revenge. Rex wants Gigi back. Why should Todd get to keep his family? Viki and Natalie appear. While Natalie unsuccessfully tries to get through to Rex, Viki urges Clint not to take the fall for Eddie's murder.

T.M. wakes up from a nightmare at John's. John wants to find out who T.M. really is, takes out a swab and orders, "Open wide." After T.M.'s DNA is obtained, John tells him to stay put then leaves to collect Todd's. Roxy barges in soon after. T.M. puts a towel on his head. Even though he's not with Natalie, Roxy hopes they can remain friends. She massages his head, wanting to work on Johnny's amazing hair. If only Johnny would take off the towel. T.M. growls. Roxy realizes she's late and rushes off. T.M. hears Tomas leaving John a message, wanting to talk about Todd Manning. T.M. answers and pretends he's John.

David arrives at Foxy Roxy's and calls out for Roxy, "Make me more handsomer." Vimal's mom gushes over David. She's his biggest fan. David tries to charge her after Mrs. Patel snaps a photo of them together. As Roxy returns, Cris offers to make Rama pregnant quick. He has an idea.

David returns home to hear that Dorian had to drop the charges against Echo. They decide to concentrate on their premiere and refuse to let anyone ruin it.

At the Manning Estate, Todd thinks back to T.M. calling him a fake. When Tea appears, Todd says, "There's something you need to know about me." Todd admits he got mixed up with some dangerous people. The most dangerous one kidnapped Sam, but he's dead now. He won't explain further but doesn't want to lose his family. Tea wonders why he keeps saying that. Todd can promise to always love her but can't promise he'll never hurt her again. Can Tea trust him? She unbuttons Todd shirt. They make love.

Brody approaches Vimal in Todd's office at The Sun, wanting to know if he's going to keep his secret. Vimal rambles about not being able to get his parents tickets to the "Vicker Man" premiere and about Rama not being pregnant. "Hey," Vimal interjects. "John McBain." Brody turns around. John wonders what he's doing there. Brody makes excuses then leaves. John insists on waiting for Todd. After Vimal leaves, John snoops and bags Todd's comb. Out in the hallway, Vimal assures Brody his secret is safe with him. Later, Todd arrives. Vimal wrangles some "Vicker Man" tickets out of Todd, who then enters his office and demands to know what John's doing there. Back out in the hallway, Vimal runs into his mother, who can't wait to go to the premiere with him and Rama.

Brody runs into Natalie at hospital and appears nervous as she talks about spending their life together.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jack thinks John is still trying to pin Gigi's death on him.

Rex heads out armed with a gun.

"Vicker Man" begins.

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