Brody finishes leaving a message for Vimal when Natalie arrives at his room. Natalie overhears Brody's mention of her. He lies about having to work a double shift. Natalie picks up on how tense he seems. Talk turns to Natalie's fight with Jessica. "Move in with me," Brody asks. Natalie doesn't want to hurt John. He lives right down the hall. Brody reminds her how John pushed Liam away. "He still looks at Liam like he's his," Natalie says. Brody doesn't want to lose her. Natalie vows to be with him for life. They make love then Natalie agrees to move in with Brody.

After T.M. hides, John opens his door to Tea. She heard voices. Who's John hiding? John claims he talks to himself. Tea asks for protection. Todd and Tomas are in trouble. T.M. listens as Tea admits, "The CIA is trying to kill me husband." Tea fills John in on what Tomas told her. John wonders who's after Todd and why. Tea thinks that's John's job to figure out. She accuses John of knowing something. He convinces Tea not to mention their talk to Todd or Tomas. After she's gone, T.M. reappears. It was so hard not to come out and see Tea. T.M. thinks Tomas lied to Tea about the CIA. John suggests Tomas had as much to do with what happened to T.M. as Todd did. Now they just need to prove it.

At the park, Ford tells James about his afternoon with Jessica, Ryder and Bree and says, "We had fun." James worries Ford will get hurt and warns that Tess isn't coming back. Tess is a part of Jessica. Ford can see Tess in her. James urges Ford to move on. Ford brings up James' troubles with Deanna. She isn't an issue for him and Starr anymore. Deanna went looking for her mom. James admits they have a new issue, Baz. James has been working extra shifts to pay the bills, which leaves Starr spending more time with Baz on music. Ford orders James not to work over anymore. He'll take care of the electric bill. In another area, Starr pulls away from Baz's kiss. She has a boyfriend! "You kissed me too," Baz objects. She denies it and slaps Baz across the face. He continues to pursue her. Starr loves James, calls Baz arrogant and insists he show some respect or forget about hanging out with her. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. She relents. Baz wonders if she's going to tell James about this. "Tell James what?" James asks from behind them. Starr covers and leaves with James. Baz watches them go.

At Llanfair, Bree boasts to Viki that Uncle Bobby went to the zoo with them. Viki privately questions Jessica about her new bond with Ford. He was trying to make her feel better after the fight with Natalie. She wants Natalie out of Llanfair and suggested she leave. Brody agreed. Jessica would love to see John's reaction if Natalie moved in with Brody right down the hall from him. Jessica has no right to ask Natalie to leave. Viki wants them both there and hopes they'll one day close the rift between them. Jessica brings up Tina. Viki's getting along fine without her. Viki denies it and wishes things were different with Tina. Though it's hard, Jessica promises to try to tolerate Natalie. She sees the two different photos of Todd and wonders what's up. Viki talks about Sam's claims. Jessica admits there's been a change in Todd, but she's changed too. On the other hand, Jessica whispers to herself, Natalie's still the same opportunist she's always been. Later, Ford arrives with Ryder's favorite blanket. Jessica now realizes why he's been so fussy and asks Ford for some tips. Ford agrees but has to check his schedule. He leaves. Jessica smiles after him.

At the Manning Estate, Tomas relays to Todd what he told Tea and says, "She deserves the truth." Todd calls Tomas an idiot, warns him to keep his mouth shut and reminds, "The truth is a lot bigger than what happened the night of the shooting." Tea may not be the only one they need to worry about. Tomas brings up the visit from Todd's old acquaintance, Baker. Todd sides with Baker and urges Tomas to go back to Paris. Tomas is there to protect Todd, who thinks back to the confrontation with T.M. and says, "I have a lot more to lose than you do." Tea arrives home. Tomas admits he told Todd he tried to save his life. Todd and Tomas ask Tea to trust them. Just let this mess go. "Who was trying to kill you?" Tea asks. Todd has no idea and says being Todd Manning attracts a lot of enemies.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John takes a DNA sample from T.M. and Todd.

Clint's about to be released and will have to face a possible incarceration.

David and Dorian get ready for the premiere of "Vicker Man."

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