Outside the mansion, just as Agent Baker is about to tell Todd who T.M. really is, Dorian appears. Todd introduces Baker as the man hired to help find Sam. Baker hands Dorian his card with the strange logo on it. Suddenly, Baker gets word that T.M. is still alive and orders into his cell, "Get rid of him now." Baker claims he has a lead and leaves, despite Todd's protests. Dorian thanks Todd for stepping up and hiring Mr. Baker.

At the Manning Estate, Tea demands to know why the CIA has an encrypted file on Tomas. He admits the CIA recruited him out of Juilliard. His talent and the fact that he spoke many languages made him an asset to them. He wanted out, but they threatened his family. He had to stay away to protect them but is out now. Tea wonders how Todd's involved. "Are you sure you want to go down that road?" Tomas asks. Tea wonders if Tomas shot Todd. Tomas admits he was there, trying to save Todd's life and took a bullet in the process. Tomas claims Todd is very dangerous. He fears for Tea and Dani's lives and begs her to leave with him. Tea storms out. Later, Todd appears. Tomas admits he told Tea the truth.

On the docks, T.M. claims to be Todd Manning. The other Todd is a fake. He tells John about the men who held him hostage for eight years and how they tried to kill him. John slams T.M. up against the wall. Talk turns to Sam, who T.M. claims he'd never hurt. Baker's the one everyone should be worried about. T.M. doesn't know where the compound is or who the agents are who tortured him. T.M. needs John's help and warns if he puts him in a jail cell, he'll be dead by morning. A boat approaches. John sees a laser on T.M., pushes him down and fires in the direction of the boat. Once the boat is gone, T.M. asks, "Do you believe me now?" John nods. Later, Baker appears and promises someone over the phone that he'll find T.M. and get rid of him and the man who saved him.

John brings T.M. to his room at the Angels Square Hotel. After T.M. jokes about how good-looking John is, and how he doesn't normally go home with a guy on the first date, John orders him to start from the beginning. T.M. talks about escaping from the plane Marty was on. John shows him the logo found in Tomas and Todd's files. T.M. confirms it was all over the compound. The other Todd is one of them. He recognized Baker. John asks what T.M. knows about Tomas. Suddenly, Tea knocks on the door, demanding to talk to John.

In the park, Baz and Starr talk about how stressed out their dads are. "I'm scared, and I don't even know what of," Starr admits. Baz brings up finding the strange man with his father and the threats exchanged between them. After Blair calls and cancels plans with Starr, they continue walking and talk about their love of reptiles. Starr remembers her dad used to take her to Reptile Roundup. Once she found a man tied to a wheel there and no one believed her, like Sam. Later, Baz spontaneously kisses Starr.

Dani joins Nate across the park and apologizes for thinking he was sleeping with Deanna. Nate apologizes for making her feel as though she couldn't trust him. Deanna's gone, and Nate knows things will be smooth sailing from here on out. Rick appears, cracks a few jokes about Stud Nate and his cute girl then turns to leave. He'll catch up with Nate later. Dani assures Rick that Nate told her why he was at the Minute Man. Nate makes it clear Dani doesn't know the truth then confronts Rick while she takes a call. He shows Nate a DVD of the rough cut of their film. As Rick boasts about how great the film turned out Dani rejoins them and asks, "What's up?" Nate claims the DVD contains information about Deanna's mom. Nate takes the DVD and promises to give it to Deanna. After Rick leaves, Dani comments on what a creepy lawyer he is. Nate promises any business he had with Rick is over. He takes out a piece of gum, wrapped in the same paper as the one Nora found at the loft. Nate agrees to go to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Once she leaves, Nate breaks the DVD.

Vivian runs into Destiny at the diner and asks if she's pregnant. Destiny is offended. Vivian brings up all of the symptoms she's noticed and offers to help. Destiny orders Vivian to mind her own business and storms off.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea arrives just as T.M. and John work to figure out who Todd is.

Brody and Natalie make an important decision about the future.

Viki notices Ford and Jessica's new bond.

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