At The Sun, Brody shows Vimal the note. Vimal admits he wrote it. Brody knows about Liam but asks how Vimal knew. He claims he saw Marty in the lab. Vimal shares Rama's lie and says, "No one deserves a lie like that. I have to tell John McBain the truth." Brody rips up the letter and threatens to tell Vimal's parents about his recent arrest. Brody backtracks, apologizes and begs Vimal to stay quiet. He reminds him how he already lost Ryder because Vimal altered the paternity test. Vimal agrees to stay quiet.

T.M wakes up on the docks. A homeless man stands over him. "Are you one of them?" T.M. asks. "I'm the guy who saved your life," Louie replies. He saw the men throw T.M. in the water. T.M. thanks him and explains how the men kept him prisoner. They think he has something they want. Good thing T.M. was wearing a bulletproof vest. Louie assures T.M. they won't come looking for him again. They think he's dead. T.M. looks at a copy of The Sun and talks about how they took his paper and his family. There's a guy who thinks he's him but he's not. When it's apparent T.M. doesn't know what to do next, Louie suggests he call John McBain, one of the good cops. T.M. remembers the agents asking if he knew John. Louie offers up John's private number.

In his office, John suggests Brody took the yellow paper off his desk. Natalie wonders why John's always riding Brody's case. Why did John think Brody erased the tape too? John ignores her and brings up the man with Todd's old face. Natalie informs that a call was made to Todd from the cell found in the motel room during the time Todd was looking for Sam. Word comes that there was a DNA match for the hair found on the dead body. Natalie hopes it'll lead them to whoever kidnapped Sam. John gets a call, thinking it's Louie, but T.M. suggests they meet. It's about Todd Manning. After John leaves, Brody appears and denies to Natalie that he took the paper from John's desk.

John arrives at the docks and says, "Come out, come out, wherever you are." T.M. steps out from the shadows.

Tea overhears Baz and Tomas arguing at the Manning Estate. After Tomas gets a text and steps outside, Baz asks Tea what's going on between Todd and his father. They argue over the secrecy between Todd and Tomas, who meets Agent Baker outside. Baker scolds him for breaking the rules. Tomas came to Llanview for Blair and had no idea what he was walking into. Tomas brings up the man with Todd's old face. Baker assures Tomas he took care of him. No more loose ends. Baker urges Tomas to go back to Paris. Tomas doesn't answer to him anymore and warns Baker to stay away. Baz appears. Baker warns Tomas to take his advice then leaves. Tomas claims Baker was a salesman then rejoins Tea, who demands to know what's going on with him and Todd. Tomas begs her to trust him. Tea threatens to throw Tomas out if he doesn't come clean.

By the pool, Todd's clearly on edge as everyone helps to make Sam's day perfect. Later, Starr catches Todd screaming at Sam, who calls Spider Man a hero. "He's a fake!" Todd yells and warns Sam to call him if the man comes back. Sam plans to see Spider Man whenever he wants and heads inside. Starr brings up the man with his old face. Todd thinks Sam's lying and screams, "I'm your father. Whoever this guy is with the line on his face, it doesn't matter. He isn't Todd Manning." Starr never said he was. Todd apologizes. He's worried about their family. He gets a text. After Starr leaves, Baker appears. Todd asks who the guy with his old face is and why he thinks Todd stole his life. Baker assures Todd the man is dead.

Starr runs into Baz in the park and shares the conversation she had with Todd. It was as though her father was afraid of losing them all.

At the diner, Dorian refuses to drop the charges against Echo. Rex warns Dorian will have a cell next to Echo's if she pursues this. Rex threatens to expose Dorian for almost killing Clint. He blames Dorian for Clint needing Gigi's heart and refuses to allow her to take Echo away from Shane. Blair, Jack and Sam appear. Dorian thanks Sam for saving her. "Must be nice to have something to celebrate," Rex snaps and privately warns Dorian to drop the charges before the premiere tomorrow or she won't enjoy it.

When Dorian arrives home, she sees Todd talking to Baker.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Someone takes aim at T.M. and John.

Tomas tells Tea something he's been hiding.

Dani tries to make things right after not trusting Nate.

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