Dorian walks into Kelly's bedroom and sees Joey and Kelly in bed. She rushes out. They make themselves decent and call Dorian back in. Dorian briefly informs them of what Echo did and shows them the write-up of Echo and Sam in The Sun. When Dorian hears Joey filed for divorce, she suggests he marry Kelly then quickly hands them tickets to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Kelly turns her down. Zane has a production that night.

At Llanfair, Brody offers to stay with Natalie. She doesn't want to rub their relationship in Jessica's face. Jessica appears and suggests Natalie move out. After Brody and Jessica argue over their break-up, Brody asks Natalie to move in with him. Natalie's stunned, especially when Jessica tells Brody, "If Liam was John's where do you think your new girlfriend would be right now?" After Brody leaves, Natalie apologizes to Jessica but reminds her, "You're not the only victim." They argue over Jessica's illness. Natalie orders her to leave her and Brody alone. Ford appears and breaks up the argument. After Natalie storms off, Jessica falls into Ford's arms. She admits Natalie has the life she was supposed to have with Brody. Ford knows how she feels. He lost someone too. Jessica apologizes for not having Ryder ready and offers to give Ford extra visitation. "Come with us," Ford suggests and invites her to bring Bree to the park as well. She agrees.

John enters his office and sees the paper containing Vimal's confession. Rex appears and wants Echo released. After all, John let Jack go. John hated what happened. He knew Jack was guilty but had no choice in letting him go. John brings up how Jack was attacked. He knows Origami Cogs is an anagram for Gigi Morasco and wonders if Rex had anything to do with the attack. Rex admits to only hitting Todd's wallet. John warns for Rex not to cross the line by getting physical in the name of revenge. Brody appears. While John takes Rex to see Echo, Brody finds the written confession signed by 'Anonymous' but realizes Vimal wrote it. When Natalie appears, Brody stuffs the confession in his pocket and claims he has to leave on a case. Later, Natalie tells John Brody took off. John notices the yellow paper missing from his desk. Natalie didn't move anything. "It must have been Brody," John says.

Bo and David talk about Echo kidnapping Dorian at the diner. David's pissed that Echo tied Dorian up in a motel room and states, "That's my job." Talk turns to the gum wrapper Nora found. David offers to help investigate. Bo suggests he stick to acting, which leads David to hand over tickets to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Bo declines. He and Nora want to spend as much time as they can with Matthew. Dorian appears and brings up Echo. Bo refuses to talk business. Rex appears and asks Bo to help him get Echo out of jail. David wonders who Bo's going to side with, his fake son or his real one. Bo promises to look over the case but refuses to pick sides. Later, Rex warns Dorian, "You're going to drop the charges."

At The Sun, Vimal writes Todd a note. He can't live with anymore secrets about children and their fathers. He's prepared to resign when his parents appear, happy to see how well Vimal has done for himself. They bring up Rama and how she must be glowing with pregnancy. His father talks about having a grandson. "You're not going to have a grandson," Vimal replies. They assume Rama's having a girl. Vimal asks them to stay put then rushes out.

In their motel room, Cutter wakes up Aubrey and hands over divorce papers from Joey. Rama will be in the same boat soon and rants about Vimal's parents coming to Llanview. While Rama looks in the classifieds, Cutter offers to work with Aubrey again. She refuses. They all reflect on their broke state. Vimal arrives and asks Rama to pretend they're still married, and that she's pregnant, until his parents leave. Rama wonders if Vimal will be able to live with the lie. Vimal realizes he needs to tell the truth and leaves. Cutter finds a write-up on "Vicker Man." It may be the answer to their problems. He invites Aubrey to the premiere.

Brody arrives at The Sun, looking for Vimal. His parents ask Brody to wait for Vimal and talk up their son and how he's expecting a child of his own. Does Brody have children? "I have a son," Brody replies. "His name is Liam." Vimal appears and sends his parents to his apartment. Brody shuts the door and wants to talk about the letter Vimal left for John.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd pumps Sam for information on T.M. then meets with Agent Baker and demands to know who the man with his old face is.

Tea threatens to throw Tomas out unless he comes clean.

Brody attempts to keep Vimal quiet.

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