John finds the Minute Man Motel room empty but can tell that hasn't been the case for long. Next-door, Sam helps free Dorian, as Echo continues running her mouth. Sam sprays her with more spider webs. As Dorian laughs and takes a picture of Sam standing next to Echo, John appears, relieved to see Sam. John questions Sam about his friend. Sam admits that Spider Man is out fighting crime. He's the man with the line on his face. A cop releases Echo from the webs and arrests her. John leaves with Sam.

In John's office, Viki takes Vimal's confession out of David's hand, fearing it's official business. David snatches it back and begins reading, "Dear John McBain." Natalie appears and prevents David from reading the confession. Natalie and Viki talk about Sam's disappearance, which leads David to snap, "Great, the whole town is on Amber Alert." What about Dorian's disappearance? Natalie assures David that they'll find Dorian. She explains that John thinks the person who killed their John Doe took Sam. As Natalie talks in metaphors about how this person doesn't really exist, David rants about his missing wife. Dorian appears, as does Echo, in cuffs. David holds Dorian close, as she admits Echo was setting them up and kidnapped her. Viki can't believe Echo was going to make it appear that Dorian had committed suicide, until Spider Man, Sam, rescued her. Viki urges Dorian to apologize to David, who listens and agrees to take Dorian back. As Echo is taken away, she warns, "I'm not done with any of you." Later, Viki questions Natalie about who kidnapped Sam. Natalie shows her a photo of Todd with his old face. Vimal's confession sits close by on John's desk.

Inside the Manning Estate, Jack apologizes to Blair over his comment about Sam not being her real son then bashes John's investigative skills. Tea and Dani try reassuring Blair, as Starr and Baz speculate on their fathers' connection. Baz approaches Tomas and demands to know what he's hiding. Across the room, Tea privately questions Dani about why she was at the motel then drops it at Dani's persistence. Outside, T.M aims a gun at Todd and orders him to open the door. T.M. wants Tea and Blair to decide who the real Todd Manning is. Agent Baker appears and holds a gun on T.M., who warns Todd that Baker almost killed Sam, trying to kill him. When the agent threatens to execute Todd's family if T.M. doesn't cooperate, Todd orders T.M. to do as the agent says. T.M. puts a gun on Todd, accuses him and Baker of working together and vows to take his life back. Baker insists T.M. isn't Todd Manning. After another agent knocks T.M. out from behind, Baker tells Todd, "You're welcome." Todd wants answers about the man with his old face, but Baker warns him to pretend this never happened. T.M. is dragged away. Suddenly, Todd's cell rings. It's Tea, who hears the ring from inside. She opens the door and almost catches Todd with Agent Baker. As she pulls Todd inside, Blair screams, "They found Sam." John appears with Sam. The family gushes over Sam. John informs them that Sam's kidnapper was the man with Todd's old face, Sam's friend. Later, Blair rants to Todd about the kidnapper still being on the loose. Todd appears disturbed.

Baker and his agents bring T.M. to the docks. Baker once had high hopes for T.M. but says, "There can't be two Todd Mannings." He shoots T.M. twice then calls someone and says, "It's done." T.M. won't be a problem anymore. Baker looks at T.M. This isn't what he wanted, but he had to follow orders. Baker rolls T.M. into the Llantano River.

John returns to the crime scene at the Minute Man Motel. He looks at the bagged Spider Man costume, as a cop asks if John identified their perp.

Joey joins Kelly in her bedroom at the mansion. They briefly discuss Clint then talk turns to their relationship. Joey gives Kelly a clown to replace the exact one she gave him for Christmas. Kelly remembers how Aubrey broke Joey's and can't believe he found another one. "Some things are just meant to be," Joey says. They share some sandwiches and wine. Joey realizes visiting hours at the hospital are almost over. Kelly asks him to stay. They kiss and start taking their clothes off. Downstairs, David and Dorian arrive home and begin tearing their clothes off. "Someone should be making love in this house," Dorian says.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Joey and Kelly reconnect.

John worries how far Rex will go for revenge.

Jessica and Natalie argue.

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