At The Sun, Todd looks at T.M. and asks, "What in the… Who the hell are you?" T.M. replies, "I could ask you the same question." T.M. yells about how Todd took his life and states, "I'm Todd Manning." Todd replies, "The hell you are." Todd claims he's always been Todd Manning and calls T.M. a freak. When Todd tries to touch T.M., taunting him about wearing a mask, T.M. pulls a gun on him. T.M. demands Todd tell him how he convinced everyone he was Todd Manning. T.M. brings up Agent Kent and Baker and accuses Todd of recognizing their names. Todd only wants Sam back and remains firm that he's Todd Manning. T.M. orders Todd to head to the Estate in order for 'their family' to tell them who the real Todd Manning is.

Dani runs into Nate and Deanna at the diner and asks, "Why did you lie to me?" Nate's stunned to hear Dani was at the Minute Man Motel and says, "You have to let me explain." Deanna interrupts, "It was all my fault." Nate admits they were at the motel together. He lies about being there to meet the lawyer, the creepy guy Dani saw, who had information on Deanna's mom. Nate shows Dani the file and says, "I'd never cheat on you." Dani profusely apologizes for doubting Nate and kisses him. She remembers Sam's party and rushes off. Deanna reassures Nate, who's filled with guilt. She thanks Nate for helping her. Nate wishes Deanna, who's heading to California, good luck in finding her mom.

Back at the Manning Estate, Tea tells everyone Todd went to look for Sam. He promised to bring Sam home. Jack insensitively reminds Blair that Sam isn't really her son. Tomas comforts Blair. Nearby, Baz and Starr comment on Tomas' reaction to hearing about Sam's friend with the scar. John appears and questions Tomas about the symbol found in his, Todd's and the dead man's file. Tomas suggests they ask Todd. Jack defends Todd and admits someone attacked him at The Sun. Todd didn't want to upset anyone and thinks it was someone from a company that bought a satellite out from under him, Origami Cogs. Dani arrives and hears Sam's missing. She relays how she thought she heard his voice in room 103 at the Minute Man Motel. John rushes off. Later, T.M. and Todd appear outside the door.

David and Viki find John's office empty. Viki tries to calm David down and reminds him, "We don't have any evidence that Echo has Dorian." David begs to differ and replies, "Something's terribly wrong." Viki slaps David out of his crazed state. Echo wouldn't kidnap Dorian and risk going to prison for life. Viki makes a call, finds out Sam's missing and orders David to wait for Dorian at home. David grabs Vimal's confession off of John's desk and writes John a note on the back of it.

Over at the Minute Man Motel, Echo rants, "I never meant for this to happen but what choice did I have?" Dorian, taped and bound, listens as Echo claims she never meant to hit her over the head after Dorian sprayed her with the hose. She never meant to put Dorian in the trunk of her car and never meant to kidnap her. Echo only wanted to make Dorian suffer for chasing Charlie away. How did her actions turn into a felony? Dorian fakes hyperventilating and screams for help once Echo removes the tape. She quickly retapes Dorian's mouth and decides to get rid of her. In the next room over, Sam reflects on the scream he heard. He grabs the Spider Man costume and says, "Someone's in trouble. What would Spider Man do?" Next-door, just as Echo's set to suffocate Dorian, Sam barges in as Spider Man and sprays Echo to the wall with his spider web. He removes his mask, as Dorian gushes over Spider Man saving her. Later, John arrives and finds the room empty, except for the Spider Man costume.

At Capricorn, Shaun orders the same drink Rama usually orders and admits she recommended it. Cris begs Shaun to order something else then vents about his troubles with Rama. Shaun claims what Rama did was a mistake and calls her a kid. Cris brings up how Rama kissed him and cheated on her husband. What kind of woman does that? Shaun suggests Cris is mad at himself for going after a married woman. Cris gives Shaun the drink he originally ordered and admits, "Sometimes you have to break the rules."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

T.M. is shot.

Blair worries about Sam's whereabouts.

Tomas is questioned by Baz about his connection to Todd.

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