In his office, John points to an old photo of Todd. He's their connection to Todd, Tomas and the John Doe. "That face doesn't exist anymore," Natalie replies. A cop appears with a uniform found at the airstrip where John tracked Marty and found Todd. John recognizes its logo.

Dani knocks on Rick's room at the Minute Man Motel and interrupts the first porn scene. Rick steps outside and gets rid of Dani. She assumes she had the wrong room and goes to find Nate. Rick reenters the room and orders, "Action." Nate and Deanna kiss and fall to the bed. Later, Deanna cries as Rick says, "That's a wrap," and looks at the footage they shot. Rick hands over the file on Deanna's mom and vows not to tell Nate's secret. On their way out, Deanna claims what they did was worth it. She now has a number and an address for her mom. Nate agrees it was, as long as Dani never finds out what they did.

Down a few doors, T.M. explains that he brought Sam back to his secret hideout. His archenemy, the Green Goblin, is after him. He assures Sam that Blair knows where he is and that the Green Goblin was at his party. Sam didn't see him. "He changed his face," T.M. replies."Sorry I put you in the middle of this, kid." Sam thinks the Green Goblin sent the man to shoot him by the pool and says, "You've got to take him down." T.M. plans to. T.M. hands Sam some gifts he swiped from his party. Just as Sam recognizes Dani's gift, she knocks on the door. Dani thinks she hears someone inside and puts her ear to the door. She waits a while then leaves. T.M. orders Sam to stay put and a guard the hideout. After Sam promises not to answer the door or use the phone, he puts on the Spider Man mask and tells T.M., who's in plain clothes and packing a gun, "Hurry back, Spider Man."

Nora finds Destiny at the diner and wonders if she's okay. Destiny changes the subject to Matthew, which leads Nora to show her the bagged gum wrapper. Destiny doesn't chew that type of gum or know anyone who does. She listens as Nora talks about wanting Matthew to have a normal life, which includes a wife and kids. "There's something I need to tell you," Destiny says. Dani interrupts. Nora's about to show her the gum wrapper then remembers she's late for a meeting. After Destiny tells Nora she only wanted to reassure her about Matthew, Nora leaves. Dani admits she didn't find Nate at the motel but thought she heard Sam, which isn't possible. Dani tells Destiny she's just happy she didn't find Deanna and Nate together.

Everyone searches the Manning Estate for Sam. Blair goes outside and finds the man who was supposed to play Spider Man. He claims he was knocked out. Everyone wonders who was wearing the Spider Man costume and where the person took Sam. Blair calls John, who arrives soon after with Natalie. Though none of Sam's family remembers Spider Man talking, Baz remembers him saying, "My pleasure," when Todd asked him to 'shoot' while taking the family photo. John thinks Sam's kidnapping is connected to the John Doe found at Dorian's. Todd privately takes a call from T.M., who claims he's Spider Man and says, "I have your son." He warns Todd they'll be doing things his way. If Todd tells anyone, he'll never see Sam again. Tea appears. Todd claims he's going to meet his investigator and promises to check back in. Todd leaves, as Blair tells everyone else that Sam claims his friend is a man with Todd's old face. Privately, John and Natalie discuss Sam's friend. Natalie wonders what John's thinking and says, "It's not like there could be two Todd Mannings."

Rama approaches Vimal at The Sun. He wonders if she heard he had a high paying job or if Llanview's best arms dropped her. Rama denies her presence has anything to do with money or Cris. Vimal's still furious and only cares about making his parents happy. He refuses to tell Rama how he got the job and thinks about how he's deceiving John. After Vimal throws Rama out, he vows to fix things, no matter what Todd said and leaves. Later, Todd arrives and sees T.M. sitting in the dark at his desk.

Vimal finds John's office empty, sits down with a legal pad and writes, "You are Liam's father, not Brody Lovett." He explains how Marty altered the test results. Vimal thinks back to Todd's threats then leaves the letter on John's desk.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki tries to calm David, who's worried about Dorian.

Jack admits he was attacked in the office.

John questions Tomas about the encrypted file.

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