Outside the Manning Estate, T.M. drags away the man dressed in the Spider Man costume. Jack appears and enters the house. He assures Blair Dorian is on her way and wouldn't miss Sam's party. Across the room, everyone notices the tension between Todd and Tomas. T.M, dressed as Spider Man, bangs on the door until Todd answers. He doesn't speak, as Todd orders him to make sure his son has a good time and threatens, "Or I can replace you just like that." Sam rushes to Spider Man, as everyone gushes over the entertainment. Spider Man makes a sign. Sam informs everyone that he's expressing his spidey sense for danger. T.M. listens as Todd and Jack whisper about the attack at the office. Todd thinks it was someone from Origami Cogs. Sam and Spider Man put on a show for everyone. Tomas stares at the superhero. By the staircase, just as Blair's about to tell Tea who Sam's imaginary friend is Starr interrupts, looking for the camera. After everyone poses for photos, Blair and Tea want one taken with Spider Man too. Blair jokes with Todd to watch it, as Tea gets cozy with Spider Man. "My heart belongs to Todd Manning," Tea replies then goes to Todd. Todd tells Spider Man to go climb some walls then addresses his family. He never wants to lose any of them and realizes he's lucky to have survived the gunshot. Todd calls Spiderman over to take a family photo for him. "Take the picture!" Todd screams. "Shoot!" T.M. whispers, "My pleasure," takes the picture then agrees to watch Sam while everyone goes to get a surprise. Soon after, they all return and find Sam and Spider Man gone.

David stops Viki outside the diner. She promised to help him figure out who's trying to sabotage his marriage. Viki suggests David make a list of those he wronged then get back to her. David pulls out a list and places Viki at the top of it. They go over a few more names. Viki thinks a woman from his past could be the culprit. Over a joke about David jilting Viki and Addie, Viki realizes the person isn't after David. They're out to hurt Dorian. David brings up all of the misleading photos. "Of course," Viki says. This is just like Echo. Viki needs to go to Sam's party, but David convinces her to go with him to Dorian's. Inside, Destiny secretly listens as Nate calls Dani and cancels out on Sam's party. She's sickened when Deanna tells Nate, "Don't worry, what happens at the Minute Man stays at the Minute Man." After they leave, Destiny calls Dani but hangs up before telling her the truth. Dani arrives soon after, worried about Destiny. Dani comments on Nate working a double shift and looks toward the kitchen. Destiny admits he left with Deanna. They're at the Minute Man Motel. Dani rushes off.

Deanna and Nate enter Rick's staged room at the Minute Man Motel. Nate ignores a call from Dani, as Rick instructs them on their scenes. Not wanting anyone to recognize them in the credits, Nate comes up with their porn names: China Lake and Buster Ridge. They get into costume and approach the bed. As they start shooting, Dani knocks on the door.

Down a few doors, T.M. enters his room and takes off his mask. "Wow," Sam says. "You're Spider Man. Why did you bring me here?"

Echo approaches Dorian at the mansion. She's there to see David. Dorian orders Echo off her property and warns that David's not coming back. Echo taunts Dorian about losing her man and Viki's respect. As they argue, Dorian realizes Echo was the one who sent her the phony photos of David and Ionia and snaps, "You conniving bitch." Echo admits it and replies, "Payback's a bitch!" Dorian slaps Echo hard. They both grab hoses and spray each other. Later, David and Viki arrive and see the two hoses. "This isn't good," David says.

Natalie finds John in his office looking over Todd's encrypted file. He fills Natalie in on his conversation with Sam and how he pinpointed an old photo of Todd as the shooter. Natalie thinks Sam was confused or is lying. John isn't so sure. They receive the results on John Doe's prints. The file is encrypted, just like Todd and Tomas'. Todd and Tomas' files contain old photos of Todd, who Sam claims shot their John Doe. "That's our connection," John states.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd and T.M. come face to face.

Nora shares the clue she found, which could lead them to the person who hurt Matthew.

Rick vows to keep Nate's secret.

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