Blair drags Sam, who wants to get to his birthday party, into John's office. She thinks Sam might know something about the dead body found at Dorian's and explains about his imaginary friend. John questions Sam about his new friend. Sam can't tell the secret. John uses reverse psychology and offers to make Sam a deputy. That way, they can share their secrets with each other. Sam agrees, is sworn in and given a badge. Over a fake story about someone pretending to be Santa, John shows Sam a photo of Agent Kent and asks, "Is he your friend?" Sam assures John he's not. He's the man who tried to shoot him at the pool. Sam's friend shot the bad man. Privately, Blair tells John that Sam said his friend had a line on his face. "Like a scar?" John asks. Over talk of Todd's old face, John shows Sam an old photo of Todd. Sam confirms he's his friend. Blair thinks Sam's covering for Todd. John tells Blair that Todd was in police custody when the man was killed and says, "Whoever Sam saw wasn't his father." John believes this person was trying to protect Sam.

T.M. does an internet search on Todd Manning in his motel room. He wants to know who Todd is and what Todd did to him. He ignores a call from Agent Baker and clicks on a link. T.M. sees photos of Todd's before and after face, plays a video surrounding the Nine Lives of Todd Manning and hears about his reconstructive surgery. He watches more coverage on how Blair arranged to have Todd pronounced legally dead and how Walker arrived in town and turned out to be Todd. T.M. listens how Margaret forced Todd to impregnate her, which resulted in Sam. T.M. realizes Sam means nothing to him, but he does to Todd. T.M. makes a call, acts as though he works for Viki, and finds out that Todd's throwing Sam a birthday party at his house.

Outside at Dorian's, Baz tells Starr that their fathers are hiding something. Tomas told Todd he knows him better than Tea. He knows who Todd really is. Baz thinks Tomas shot Todd, who's covering for him. "Why would he do that for someone who tried to kill him?" Starr asks. She admits Todd's been a bit off since the shooting and reveals the encrypted files on their fathers. Starr realizes they're going to be late for Sam's party.

In the master bedroom of the Manning Estate, Tomas orders Todd to tell Tea how sorry he is. Tea isn't interested in a coerced apology and warns Tomas to back off. Todd impresses Tea by insisting on apologizing. Whatever Tomas said to Todd, Tea appreciates the change it made in her husband. Later, Tomas threatens Todd, who vows never to lose his wife or daughter. "Yes," Tomas replies. "My sister, my niece." After Tomas goes downstairs, Todd rejoins Tea and says, "I don't want to lose you." She promises he won't. Downstairs, Destiny has something to tell Dani, who interrupts, "Nate knows Matthew killed Eddie." He overheard them talking. Destiny can't believe Nate hasn't said anything and is horrified when Dani admits he told Deanna. Dani realizes Nate couldn't come to her because she'd kept the secret from him. She's relieved that Deanna's simply been a sounding-board for Nate. They aren't hooking up. Dani's happy she and Nate have no more secrets. She assures Destiny that Nate trusts Deanna. She won't reveal the truth. Dani asks what Destiny wanted to tell her. Destiny thinks about being pregnant but is stopped from telling Dani when Baz and Starr appear. After Destiny leaves, everyone gathers for Sam's party. Sam and Blair arrive soon after. Blair wonders where the entertainment is.

Outside, the entertainment arrives. Just as Spider Man goes to knock on the door, T.M. knocks him out from behind, takes his mask and says, "So much for your spidey sense."

At the diner, Rick holds a file containing information on Deanna's mother. The lawyer is a friend of Rick's and was glad to hand it over. "How much do you want?" Nate asks. Rick doesn't want Deanna's money. He wants her talents. Rick boasts about how much money she'll make and how porn has evolved. It's not a dirty little word anymore. After a private discussion, where Deanna claims Dani will never have to know, they decide to do Rick's porno in exchange for his silence. Rick's ecstatic and orders them to the Minute Man Motel in a half hour. As Nate calls Dani, Destiny arrives and takes a seat at a nearby booth.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

David reminds Viki of her promise.

Sam goes missing.

Natalie and John get the results from the fingerprint analysis.

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