Echo comes upon Rex at the Buchanan Mansion and hears him vowing revenge. Only when Todd loses Tea and Jack loses Blair will he and the Mannings be even. Echo hopes he doesn't mean that. Rex orders her out. Echo warns, "There are other ways to get at people." Rex assures Echo he won't hurt the women. He plans to go after Todd's wallet and explains he'll do it through a subsidiary of B.E. he created. Origami Cogs, an anagram for Gigi Morasco, will never be traced back to B.E. or Rex. After Echo leaves, Rex looks at Gigi's photo and says, "I hope she bought that." He vows to make Tea and Blair feel the pain he felt too.

At The Sun, Jack pesters Todd to tell him what he knows about John. Jack wants to be like Todd and begs his father to trust him. Todd hands Jack a file, containing Liam's paternity results. He mentors Jack on the game of revenge and blackmail. They agree to stay quiet until they need a get out of jail free card. Todd orders Jack to look into the company who one upped him, Origami Cogs.

On the patio at Llanfair, T.M. hides as Viki calls out, "I know someone's here. Who are you?" T.M. wants to trust Viki and starts to reveal himself, but Bree appears with news that Natalie and Jessica are fighting. Viki leaves with Bree. T.M. takes a call from Agent Baker, who asks after Agent Kent. T.M. admits he killed him. He tells Baker about all the people he's seen in Llanview and says that the man here isn't Todd Manning, he is. Baker implies that Todd Manning isn't a fake but isn't successful in luring T.M. to meet him in order for him to explain. Baker warns T.M. not to confront anyone in Llanview. Out front, Jessica admits Natalie and Brody being together hurts. However, she refuses to shed anymore tears over them. The sisters continue to argue, which leads Natalie to state, "We're in a relationship. Brody's the father of my child." When Natalie makes a comment about liking Jessica better as Tess, Jessica slugs her. Viki appears and scolds Jessica. Once she hears Bree overheard the fighting, Jessica rushes off. Viki reminds Natalie that Jessica doesn't mean the cruel things she says. Natalie's done with it and vows to be a family with Brody and Liam no matter what Jessica thinks. Later, as T.M. is about to enter Llanfair to talk to Viki, Todd appears and asks if she smashed the photo of him. T.M. listens as Viki replies, "You're my brother. I'll always love you."

Later, T.M. arrives at The Sun, where Jack's inside trying to figure out who's behind Origami Cogs.

Dorian aims a gun at David by the pool and rants about Ionia's package. "I'm on to you now," Dorian screams, thinking David and Ionia planned to live off her money after David killed her. David steps back and right into the dead body of Agent Kent. David thinks Dorian killed the man and dials 911.

In John's office, Brody thinks back to finding out that John's Liam's father. John reminds Brody he was the last one to look at the evidence. What happened to the recorder? Brody holds up a bag containing the recorder. John wonders why Brody took it. He thinks it could be the recorder Natalie was fighting with Marty over. Brody urges John to play the tape. Just then, word comes about the dead body at Dorian's and how David thinks she killed the man. Later, Natalie finds John's office empty but sees the recorder.

Brody and John arrive at the mansion and question David and Dorian. David states he found Dorian holding a gun. John knows the gun Dorian had wouldn't have been powerful enough to kill anyone. Dorian demands that John look into Ionia and David's murder plot against her. John urges them to work out their issues, wraps up the crime scene and leaves. Dorian orders David out.

Back in John's office, just as Natalie's memories come rushing back, she draws a blank. John appears and states Gigi had the recorder. She wonders what was on the tape. John suggests she ask Brody. Natalie looks at the doorway. Brody stares back at her.

Starr joins Blair and Tea at Capricorn. After they fill Starr in on what happened with Rex, Starr brings up Sam's imaginary friend, the one with the line on his face. "A line?" Tea asks then brings up Todd's old scar. Blair makes excuses and thinks Sam's recreating his father from old photos of Todd. Starr doesn't think so and plans to be there the next time Sam talks to the man with the line on his face.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Blair finds Dorian throwing David out.

Bo questions Rex about giving Clint Gigi's heart in exchange for his assets.

T.M. attacks Jack.

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