David's sleeping by the pool when Dorian whacks him with a copy of The Sun. "Vickers In Her Knickers," David reads the headline and vows he'd never cheat on Dorian. She can't ignore the photos. Dorian sees Ionia's bikini top stuffed down the back of his pants and kicks him out. The maid appears and hands Dorian a package addressed to David. She reads a note from Ionia, telling him to use the contents at his discretion. Dorian finds a gun inside.

Vimal's dragged into John's office on a traffic violation. John offers to overlook it. What did Vimal want to tell him, and why did Todd stop him from doing so. Vimal won't talk. Outside the office, Brody thinks about John being Liam's father. Natalie appears. Over talk of Jessica, Brody's surprised to hear Natalie hasn't told her about them yet. She promises to do so soon and hopes Jessica takes the news as well as John did. John appears. Once alone, John and Brody agree not to let their personal lives affect business. John asks Brody to help him nail Todd and fills him in on Vimal's involvement. John then asks if Brody knows anything about the missing recorder taken from Gigi's crime scene.

Todd arrives at The Sun and catches Jack online, looking at an article on Gigi. He reminds Jack if he confesses now, McBain will nail them both and says, "I'm the only one you can trust." The computer beeps. Todd looks at the screen then goes into a rage. A company stole a deal right out from under him. He orders Jack to find out who owns Origami Cogs. Vimal rushes in and warns Todd that John's after him. After Todd excuses Jack, Vimal urges Todd to save himself the trouble and tell John his secret. Jack overhears and confronts Todd. What's he keeping from John?

At Llanfair, Viki looks at a headline about David, as T.M. lurks outside. When Todd calls, Viki warns Dorian and David are going to sue him over the article. T.M. reaches to open the patio door. He stops when Jessica joins Viki. Talk turns to Natalie. Viki reminds Jessica she's forgiven others for doing worse and brings up Todd. T.M. remembers having a niece named Jessica. Once they leave, T.M. lets himself in and locates two photos of Viki, one with her and T.M. and the other with her and Todd. T.M.'s head fills with voices of those he remembers. He can't take the confusion and smashes the photo of Viki and Todd. "Who are you?" T.M. looks at the smashed photo. "Who am I?"

Tea arrives at Capricorn. Blair laces into her for helping cover-up Jack's crime. Tea claims it was too late to help Jack after Brad confessed. Blair feels Jack slipping away and worries. He feels no remorse for what he did. They decide to go to Gigi's memorial on Jack's behalf.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex vows to Shane that Jack and Todd will pay, starting today. Roxy and Echo join them. Roxy's upset to hear that Rex fired Nigel. "If you have a problem with that you can leave," Rex snaps. Echo privately urges Rex to take it easy on Roxy. They all just want to help him. Rex takes a call and hears 'the deal' was done. Echo warns Rex against taking down Todd and Jack. Rex warns if she tries to get in his way, he'll take her down too. "Your Grandpa Asa would be so proud," Echo replies and assures Rex she's on his side. Suddenly, Tea and Blair appear with their deepest sympathies. If they could change what happened they would. Rex wonders why they feel that way. It's not as though they could control what Jack's friend did, right? Rex thanks them again then sends the women on their way. Natalie arrives and asks to speak to Jessica after the memorial. "I'll think about it," Jessica replies and storms off. David follows Viki in and begs her to prove to Dorian that someone's trying to set him up. Echo listens from around the corner. Everyone gives Rex their final condolences. Later, Rex stares at a photo of Gigi, vowing Jack will know what it's like to lose his mother and Todd will know what it's like to lose his wife. Out in the foyer, Echo gets word that 'the package' was delivered.

When David returns to the mansion, Dorian aims a gun at him.

Blair and Tea return to Capricorn, feeling guilty.

Viki, Jessica and Natalie arrive back at Llanfair. After Viki goes inside, Natalie tells Jessica she and Brody are a couple. Inside, Viki finds the smashed photo and sees the patio doors open. As she calls out, T.M. hides around the corner.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Echo overhears Rex planning to hurt Tea and Blair to get revenge on Jack and Todd.

Dorian and David find a dead body.

Viki witnesses Jessica slapping Natalie.

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