At the Minute Man Motel, T.M. reads about Jack online. He rants about how Todd stole his kids, his wife, his money and his life. T.M. wants someone to make sense of how this could've happened without anyone noticing and asks, "And who's Sam and Dani?" He sees Viki's photo on The Banner's website and remembers having a sister named Viki. "Can I trust you, Viki?" T.M. asks and leaves to find her.

Still in the park, Nate questions Dani about keeping Matthew's secret. Dani wonders why Nate didn't tell her he knew. He admits he confided in Deanna instead of going to Dani. Both apologize for keeping secrets. When Dani gets a message from Destiny, Nate urges her to go. "You're the best," Dani replies. Nate privately vows to tell Dani the truth about Matthew, someday.

Viki runs into Dorian at the hospital and makes it clear she knows Dorian's the reason Clint almost died. Dorian makes excuses and reminds Viki Clint's guilty of many crimes. Viki should be happy that Dorian took care of business. Dorian did it for her. Viki was happy Dorian provided her with evidence of Charlie's affair but wouldn't have killed for it. Over talk of Echo, Dorian doesn't think there's anything she could do to her and Viki.

In a hospital bathroom, Destiny takes the pregnancy test and waits for the results. After a few minutes, Destiny looks at the test then leaves. Outside Matthew's room, Bo and Nora find out that Matthew needs to be in a long-term rehab facility. There's one in Philadelphia. Knowing this is his best chance at getting better, Bo and Nora agree to the doctor's recommendation. Destiny joins them and hears that Matthew's being transferred today.

Destiny goes into Matthew's room. His eyes flutter. "I'm pregnant," Destiny admits. She takes the test out. It's positive. "What's positive?" Nora asks from the doorway. Destiny covers, as Bo joins them. Destiny leaves Bo and Nora to say goodbye to Matthew. Later, Destiny tells Dani she took the pregnancy test. It was negative.

Outside, Echo takes a call from Roxy. Ionia appears and assures Echo things are going as planned. Over by Dorian's pool, David finds Blair running away. Todd soon follows. Ionia appears in a bikini and kisses David. As Ionia undresses, Echo secretly takes photos of them together. David tries to cover her up and accuses her of setting him up. "Who's trying to ruin my life?" David demands. He gets Ionia dressed and off before Dorian arrives home. David finds her bikini top and hides it when Dorian appears. She asks for his forgiveness and says, "I never should've doubted you." Ionia secretly checks in with Echo who says, "Any minute now…" David gets a picture text. Dorian sees it. It's a photo of him and Ionia half naked by her pool.

Jack stands before Shane at the carriage house. Rex appears and flips out. Jack understands their upset with him, in regards to what happened to Gigi, and says, "I'm sorry." Rex wonders if that's Jack's way of confessing. Jack wants to explain and begins to do so, but Todd appears and stops him. "No, Dad," Jack says. "I want to tell them." Rex orders Todd to let Jack talk. Todd apologizes for Rex's loss and tries to drag Jack away. Rex stops them. Shane's stunned when Rex accepts Jack and Todd's apologies. He knows John would've never let Jack off if he were guilty. It's done, nothing can bring Gigi back. All she wanted was to end the issues between their kids. "What do you say we end it now?" Rex asks and extends his hand. Todd shakes it. After Todd and Jack leave, Rex admits he sucked up to Todd because it puts him exactly where Rex wants him. Todd and Jack will never see them coming.

Tomas takes a call at Capricorn and assures the caller that neither Baz nor Blair will interfere. Blair enters, ranting to Todd on the phone. Tomas wants to help. Blair brings up all of Tomas' lies. How can she trust him to help with anything? Tomas kisses her passionately. He wants to open up to Blair and vows to try. She agrees to take things day by day. Later, Todd and Jack arrive. Todd privately warns Jack not to tell Blair that he was about to confess and reminds Jack of the prison time he could've served.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John asks for Brody's help in bringing Todd down.

David and Dorian argue over his alleged infidelity.

David seeks out an ally - Viki.

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