Inside his hospital room, Nora begins questioning Matthew. Though his eyes are open, Matthew doesn't speak. Bo warns Nora not to push him then steps out. As Nora reads to Matthew, he remembers Nate punching him and tries to talk. Suddenly, Matthew has a seizure.

Dani catches Destiny with a pregnancy test outside of Matthew's room and asks, "Are you pregnant?" Destiny admits she and Matthew didn't use protection. She hasn't taken the test yet. Bo briefly interrupts to thank the girls for their support. When Dani realizes she's late meeting Nate, Destiny convinces her to leave.

Down the hall, Rex collects Gigi's personal belongings, including their wedding rings. Meanwhile, in Clint's room, Viki's happy to see Gigi's heart has enabled him to live. Shane storms in and asks, "Why do you get to live and my mom had to die?" Rex appears. Shane refuses to leave with him and blames Rex for giving Clint Gigi's heart. Viki takes Shane out into the hall, leaving Clint taunting Rex about not telling Shane the truth. Rex steps outside and listens as Viki comforts Shane about losing Gigi. After Viki leaves, Rex promises to tell Shane why he gave Clint Gigi's heart as soon as they get home. Back in Clint's room, Viki and Clint reflect on Shane's feelings. Viki wonders what was really behind Rex wanting all of Clint's assets. Clint accuses Rex of being a gold-digger. Viki doesn't buy it. Bo appears, glad to see Clint's okay. Clint stands by his confession and wonders if Bo's there to arrest him. He's not. After Bo leaves, Viki wonders who Clint and Bo are protecting and realizes it's Matthew. Viki warns Clint doesn't have the right to waste Gigi's heart by confessing to something he didn't do.

Rex and Shane find Gigi's presence everywhere in the carriage house. Shane's stunned to hear Rex now has all of Clint's assets. Shane only wants Gigi back, not the money. Rex will never forget Gigi and tells Shane they're going to make sure the people who killed her pay. Shane agrees to take all of their things, including Gigi's, and move into the Buchanan Mansion. Rex hugs Shane and promises everything's going to be all right.

Rick finds Nate doing landscaping outside and taunts him about being in his latest porno. Nate admits Matthew's awake. Nate's screwed either way. He and Deanna aren't doing Rick's film. In another area, James rants to Deanna about Baz's interest in Starr. Deanna wonders if James is jealous then rushes off after receiving a text from Nate. Deanna finds Nate, who assures her that Rick can't manipulate them anymore. Dani appears and, after Deanna excuses herself, asks if Nate's messing around with Deanna. Nate denies it but refuses to tell Dani what he and Deanna were talking about. Over talk of keeping secrets, Nate asks why Dani never told him Matthew killed his father.

Starr arrives at Capricorn. Baz stops working on his music and offends Starr by referring to Hope as 'it'. He makes up for it by letting Hope play with some instruments and listens as Starr vents about Hope's issues with James and the fact that her father's in prison. After Baz convinces Starr to sing, he plays back her voice mixed with his music. Starr's happy to see Hope having so much fun. She is too and admits her and Baz sound good together. James appears and watches the three of them interacting.

Rick arrives outside Matthew's hospital room, sees Matthew having a seizure and leaves. Bo, Nora and Destiny emerge from the room. As Bo comforts Nora, Destiny looks in her purse and rushes off to take the pregnancy test. A doctor appears and tells Bo and Nora there's nothing more they can do for Matthew.

Deanna runs into Rick outside and hears about Matthew's condition. "Cheer up," Rick says. "You and Nate are going to be stars after all."

Todd sprays Jack with a hose by the pool. Jack's supposed to be working at The Sun. Jack tells Todd Gigi's dead. He reads from an article in the newspaper and snaps, "They're all going to think I'm guilty no matter what." Blair appears and wonders what's going on. Todd trashes the story in The Banner, as well as John's statement, and insists Jack's innocent. After Todd orders Jack to go get ready for work, Blair demands that Todd admit he's covering up Jack's involvement in Gigi's death. Todd admits he did what he had to. As they argue, Todd hears his car start and realizes Jack took it.

Back at the carriage house, Shane answers the door. It's Jack.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Dorian and Viki play into Echo's plan.

Dani and Nate argue over the secrets they've kept.

Nora and Bo have an important decision to make.

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