The show was interrupted from 2.15 PM to 2.25 PM and was unable to be recapped during that time due to a national news conference surrounding the Casey Anthony verdict.

In their room at the Minute Man Motel, Rama convinces Aubrey to call the police on Ford, claiming the scream from his room sounded suspicious. When someone bangs on the door, they think it's Ford and shut off the lights. The girls open the door and attack their visitor. It's Cutter. They get him some ice for his head. Cutter admits he has nowhere else to go. After Rama goes outside, Cutter and Aubrey rehash their past. Aubrey admits she never meant to fall in love with Joey. She apologizes for hurting Cutter. He doesn't want Aubrey anymore but asks, "Can I stay here tonight?" Cutter jokes about going over some of the wealthiest families in order to pick their next mark. Aubrey blows him off and sends Cutter to the couch to sleep.

Vimal approaches John at Rodi's and says, "I didn't come here to drink. I have something of the utmost importance I have to tell you." Vimal brings up something Todd mentioned. John isn't interested. Vimal rambles about what he's lost due to lies and vows to tell the truth. Todd arrives. John gets word that screams have been reported coming from Ford's room. After he takes off, Todd stops Vimal from leaving too. Vimal refuses to be pressured. He's been pressured by Clint, who is much more powerful than Todd. Todd brings up Vimal's parents and offers him a job at The Sun making seven figures. Doesn't Vimal want to make his parents proud? Maybe he could even win his wife back. "What if I said no?" Vimal asks. "Bad things happen to people who make me angry," Todd replies and threatens to have his tongue cut out.

In the room at the Minute Man Motel, Jessica apologizes to Ford. Tess isn't coming back. She never meant to hurt him. Jessica offers to allow Ford to be a father to Ryder. Suddenly, John and a cop barge in. The cop grabs Ford, but Jessica warns him to let Ford go. Jessica assures John that Ford didn't hurt her. John warns Ford not to pull a stunt like abducting Jessica again then lets him go. Jessica agrees to let Ford drive her home and says, "Maybe in the car we can figure out how to share our son."

John finds Vimal and Todd outside of Rodi's and asks what Vimal wanted to tell him. Vimal apologizes to John. He has nothing to say. After John leaves, Todd hands Vimal some money. John returns once Vimal and Todd are gone and appears suspicious.

Natalie enters the nursery at Llanfair and asks Brody what's wrong. Brody confirms he's about to lose her and says, "There's something you need to know about John." Natalie assures him that John is no longer an issue. She takes Liam and tells Brody this is what she wants. Brody makes her happy. Brody hugs Natalie. He wants nothing more than for all of them to be a family. Later, Brody talks to Liam. He lied to his mother. John's his father, not him. Brody wants to tell the truth but remembers what Natalie wants, to move on with him. He takes out the recorder, promises to be the best father to Liam, and to make Natalie happy, and says, "As long as she doesn't hear this tape." Natalie reappears. Clint made it through surgery. She's heading to the hospital. After she leaves, Brody vows to keep his secret.

Out by the pool, David drops his towel, wanting to prove that Dorian's the only woman for him. Blair appears and covers her eyes. She needed somewhere to collect her thoughts. Blair talks about Jack's situation. David makes jokes and is asked to give them a moment. Once alone, Dorian urges Blair to talk to Todd about Jack. Later, David rejoins Dorian, who admits she believes he didn't have an affair with Ionia.

Still outside the hospital, Joey questions why Kelly kissed him. Didn't she simply want to be friends? "I changed my mind," Kelly replies but expresses doubts. Joey begs her for a new start. Viki calls Joey, who reports that Clint made it through surgery. They watch fireworks for a bit then go to check on Clint.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Dani confronts Destiny about the pregnancy test.

Viki knows Clint's covering for someone.

James confides his dislike for Baz to Deanna.

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