Still at Capricorn, Vimal thinks Todd's lying about John being Liam's father. He talks about viewing the paternity results when he was in the lab and says, "Don't try to tell me I changed the wrong test." Vimal remembers Marty being in the lab that night and gasps, "I should have known." Vimal wonders how Todd's going to break the news to John. Todd isn't ever going to tell and warns that no one else is either. He explains how John bolted on Natalie once already. Vimal promises to keep the secret, accepts a hundred dollars for cab fare from Todd and leaves, after hugging Todd, who claims to be Vimal's new best friend.

At the Minute Man Motel, Ford rants at a gagged Jessica, blaming her for having to take such drastic measures. "Can you hear me, Tess?" Ford asks and talks about making love with Tess in that very room, until he made his biggest mistake by leaving her alone. Ford apologizes and says, "I need you, Tess. I don't want to live without you. Please come back." Jessica's facial expressions change. "It that you?" Ford asks and takes off her gag. "Help!" Jessica screams.

Next door, Rama barges into Aubrey's room and blames her for losing everything. Aubrey hears about Cutter losing the mansion. Rama insists on staying with her and reflects on hurting Vimal. Aubrey hugs her and apologizes. She hopes Vimal will forgive Rama one day but knows Joey will never forgive her. Aubrey and Rama hear a scream and run to the next room over. They bang on the door, but Jessica's gag prevents her from yelling again. After they suggest calling the cops, Ford opens the door and apologizes for making so much noise. Vimal wanders by and rants at Aubrey and Rama for their lies. He, Joey and John McBain have been hurt. "I'm going to tell the truth for a change," Vimal states and leaves. Talk turns back to Ford. They wonder what's really going on in Ford's room.

Back in his room, Ford looks at Jessica and says, "What the hell am I doing?" He apologizes and doesn't want to be this guy anymore. Ford takes off Jessica's gag and says, "Go ahead, scream." Jessica wants to apologize too.

At the station, Brody listens to Marty's full taped confession, stating John's Liam's father. "She changed the tests," Brody cries. "Liam's not my son. He's John's. What the hell am I going to do?"

Over at Rodi's, John has something to tell Natalie too. Natalie insists on talking first and admits, "Me and Brody are together." He thanks Natalie for telling him. Natalie fought for John for a longtime, but he made her realize they don't have a future. "I guess I should be happy for you," John replies. "How does Jessica feel about all this?" Jessica and Brody are over. It was time for Brody to let go. Natalie vows to fight for her sister but needs to put Liam first now. She hopes she and John can co-exist. "Liam deserves a family," John replies. "I wish all of you the best." What did John want to tell her? John claims he was wondering how Rex is doing. "Is that it?" Natalie asks. "Yes," John replies. Brody arrives outside, sees John and Natalie and whispers, "Tell them, you have to." Except Brody can't. He leaves. Later, just as Vimal arrives and tells John they need to talk, back at Capricorn Todd gets word that Vimal was heading to Rodi's.

Brody enters the nursery at Llanfair. He picks up Liam and says, "I'm your father." Brody wants to be a family with him and Natalie and asks, "How can that be wrong? How do I tell Natalie the truth?" Natalie appears.

Kelly finds Joey outside of the hospital. He brings up wanting her back. Kelly doesn't think it's a good idea to get caught up in the moment right now. Joey's made a lot of mistakes, but through them all every time he saw Kelly she reminded him that she was all he ever wanted. Kelly admits she was with John out of jealousy of him and Aubrey. Joey laughs about them being quite the pair and asks if they can settle on being friends. "We already are friends," Kelly replies and accepts Joey's passionate kiss.

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