At the station, Brody admits he couldn't tell Jessica he was sorry for sleeping with Natalie. Things have changed, as have his feelings for Natalie. She doesn't know how Jessica and John would react to them. Brody thinks they deserve a chance. Natalie takes Brody in a kiss. They agree to pursue a relationship. Natalie knows Jessica already hates her, and John has no right to object. After Natalie leaves to tell John, Brody goes back to logging in evidence, picks up the recorder and listens as Marty confesses that Liam is John's son.

Blair finds John drinking at Rodi's. Why did he arrest her son without calling her? Blair doesn't think Jack did anything wrong. "Except kill Gigi Morasco," John replies and fills Blair in on Jack's part in her death and how Brad took the fall. "You think Todd paid Brad's father off?" Blair asks. "For the time being," John warns. "Jack got away with murder." Blair cries. She doesn't know how to handle what Jack and Todd have done. They remember the last time they talked to Gigi and how they treated her. They toast to Gigi then talk turns to John and Kelly's breakup and where things stand with Natalie. Looking at Liam, John wishes he was a better man. Blair warns, "You're a damn fool if you have a chance at happiness and just let it pass you by." Before Blair leaves they discuss Tomas. She knows he has a lot of secrets and promises to be cautious. She likes Tomas and warns John about living with regret. Later, Natalie appears. She has something to tell John, who replies, "I have something to tell you too."

Dani and Baz arrive at the Manning Estate. He doesn't want to talk to Tomas and asks Dani to stay outside. He'd rather talk about Starr and is surprised to hear she has a daughter. Dani warns, "Starr's with James so don't go getting any ideas." Inside, Tomas catches Tea throwing a framed photo. She rants about Todd then hears Tomas has a son. Tea appears guilty, as Tomas vents about how his ex kept Baz from him. He wants nothing to do with Tomas. Tea reassures him that Baz will come around. Dani and Baz appear. Baz immediately trashes Tomas for abandoning him and Tea. "See," Tomas tells Tea. "A real charmer." Later, Tea admits how much she loves Todd and wishes he'd come home. She knows how angry Todd gets when they fight and wonders what kind of trouble he's getting into.

T.M watches Jack, who's sitting by the pool, and thinks about having a son named Jack. Starr approaches. Is Jack crying? He claims it's the chlorine then admits Gigi is dead. Jack tells her about being arrested and how Brad went to jail. Starr feels awful for Rex and Shane. She answers Jack's cell and assures Blair she has it covered. Blair agrees to give them some time alone. Starr warns Jack there are worse places than jail. She thinks he's there now. T.M. listens as Jack rants about how everyone compares him to their dad then when he does something like Todd he's punished for it. "It's called growing up Manning," Starr replies. Jack thinks it's a curse. Starr says it's a blessing that makes them stronger. She knows Todd got Jack out of the charges. Jack never meant to hurt anyone. Starr holds him close. She gets a text from Baz, who can't wait to make music with her. Starr ignores it and walks off with Jack. Later, Blair arrives. T.M. watches her from the shadows.

Todd joins Vimal at Capricorn. They trade barbs over their various crimes. Vimal rants about how Rama sold him out for money. Todd knows how use money to get what he wants but doesn't understand why his wife doesn't realize he was doing what any good father would do. Vimal stews about Cris. Todd fuels the fire by admitting Cris went after his wife too. He's sure Cris has his big arms around Vimal's wife right now. They drink and talk about their wives. Todd urges Vimal to seek revenge, like he's doing against John McBain. Todd spills Marty's secret and tells Vimal John has a son he knows nothing about.

Rama seeks Cris out in the steam room. She apologizes for lying to Vimal and Cris. She didn't want Cris to think she was a horrible person, just as she was starting to have feelings for him. Vimal's a fine man and Cris didn't deserve to be hurt, thinking there could be something more between them. Cris asks her to leave. Rama hopes one day he can accept her apology.

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Joey shares his true feelings with Kelly.

Brody finds out shocking information.

Ford appeals to Jessica from the heart.

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