Outside Clint's hospital room, Viki informs Jessica and Natalie that Rex is giving Clint Gigi's heart in exchange for his fortune. Jessica and Natalie argue over Rex. Natalie rushes off. "I hate her," Jessica tells Viki. "I hate them both." Viki won't take sides but reminds Jessica how Brody always stood by her. He lost her again and couldn't deal with the pain. Jessica doesn't think she can ever forgive Brody. Viki begs her not to give up on him.

Destiny sits in Matthew's room, holding a pregnancy test. As he sleeps, she talks about them not using protection and says, "I could be pregnant." She hides the test, as Bo briefly peeks in on them then heads out soon after.

Out in the hallway, Natalie runs into Bo and fills him in on Rex and Clint's exchange. Natalie knows Rex's heart is broken, but she can't believe he would do this. Bo leaves to find Rex. Natalie sees a doctor recording his patient's condition and looks thoughtful. Viki appears. Natalie admits she's been having memory flashes of being on the roof with Marty, arguing over a recorder. She has no idea what was on the tape. Talk turns to Brody. Viki urges Natalie to figure out what's going on with Brody, for everyone's sake.

In Gigi's room, Rex tells Shane he's letting Clint have Gigi's heart. Shane doesn't understand why. "It's complicated," Rex replies. They have to say goodbye now. Shane takes Gigi's hand. He misses her and promises to keep writing and drawing. "I love you so much," Shane cries and kisses her goodbye. Shane falls into Rex's arms. Bo appears and offers to sit with Shane in the waiting area while Rex says goodbye to Gigi. Shane hands Rex a ring box then goes to sit with Bo. At Gigi's bedside, Rex talks about her never wanting a ring. He slips Clint's mother's ring on her finger and says his wedding vows. Rex imagines Gigi saying the same to him and asking him to kiss his bride. Rex owes Gigi a honeymoon and begs her to wait for him, to save him a dance. He imagines dancing with Gigi and promising to take care of Shane. Gigi wants Rex to take care of himself and reminds him how much she will always love him. Bo appears. It's time. "Goodbye Mrs. Balsom," Rex whispers, in tears, and kisses Gigi one last time. Shane and Rex watch as Gigi's wheeled away.

At the station, hoping to find something more on Jack, Brody looks through the evidence taken from Gigi's things. He finds the recorder. Ford appears. He needs Brody to make Jessica see that Ryder needs him. Brody rants about Ford and Tess then admits Jessica won't talk to him. Ford's stunned that Brody gave up on Jessica and slept with Natalie. Brody warns that Jessica is angry and refuses to let anyone hurt her again. She'll never let Tess come back. Brody orders Ford to walk away. Once alone, Brody goes back to the recorder. Jessica calls and tells him about Clint. Brody apologizes for what she walked in on. Jessica apologizes for her own actions and asks, "Are you sorry for sleeping with my sister?" When Brody doesn't answer, Jessica assumes he has feelings for Natalie and hangs up. Just as Brody picks up the recorder, Natalie appears.

From the DJ area at Capricorn, Baz welcomes everyone to the after graduation party. James makes a crack to Starr regarding how well Baz is fitting in. Ford arrives. Starr gives them some time alone. Ford rants to James about Brody ordering him away from Jessica. James looks at Starr jamming with Baz and urges Ford to fight for the woman he loves. Across the room, Deanna tells Nate that Rick won't stop texting her. Nate apologizes for getting her mixed up in his mess. How's he going to explain this to Dani? "It didn't mean anything. Deanna and I aren't really having sex," Nate rants. "What did you say?" Dani asks from over his shoulder. Nate claims it was a joke. Deanna claims they were playing a game. Dani rushes off and tells Starr that she thinks Nate's sleeping with Deanna. Destiny arrives and joins Nate and Deanna. They listen as Destiny relays that Bo said Matthew remembers what happened to him, something about Eddie Ford. Destiny hopes Bo can soon lock up the thug who hurt Matthew. Nate anticipates going to jail. Baz dedicates a song to Starr from James. As they dance, Nate convinces Dani to dance too. He stares at Deanna over Dani's shoulder, as Destiny looks at the pregnancy test in her purse.

Ford arrives at the hospital, puts his hand over Jessica's mouth and drags her away.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jack gets advice from Starr.

While drunk, Todd tells Vimal Marty's secret.

Brody and Natalie decide to pursue a relationship.

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