At the hospital, Clint urges Natalie to get the family there so he can say good-bye. Natalie doesn't want him to give up, but Viki asks that Natalie respect Clint's wishes. Natalie leaves because she thinks she can fix the situation. Clint is happy to have the alone time with her. He admits he is not the man she married and has changed in a bad way. He believes he was his best self with her and might have been good if they had ended up together.

David and Dorian inform Kelly they are in mourning because Clint isn't kicking the bucket like they had hoped. Kelly is relieved, and Dorian knows her sympathy is due to Joey. Kelly reveals that she and John are no longer an item. Dorian wants Kelly to move in on Joey. Kelly tells an astounded Dorian that she rebuffed Joey's advances because she doesn't want to be the rebound girl. Dorian thinks it is the stupidest move she has ever made. Kelly takes off to see Joey after learning the transplant isn't happening. David assures Dorian that Clint isn't dying because of her and goes to answer the doorbell. A stunned David asks the unknown visitor, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Joey finds Jessica in the nursery and informs her that they need to leave for the hospital for Clint's transplant. Brody enters to hear Jessica say that she wishes she didn't walk in on Brody and Natalie in bed. Brody tells Jessica it doesn't have to be like this, while an angry Jessica walks out. Joey urges Brody to make a choice between the sisters, but make the right one or end up alone.

Rex arrives at the police station and is stunned to learn that Jack is not facing any charges. John reveals that a friend of Jack's confessed. An uncomfortable Tea wants to leave, but Rex throws Todd across the room and says he will kill him! Rex tells John he doesn't care about Gigi and yells that his fiancee is brain dead because of Jack. John asserts that Gigi was his friend and she deserved better, but he has this confession to deal with. Rex believes that all you need in Llanview is money and you can get away with murder. He boasts, "I stopped Clint Buchanan from getting a heart. I will make your sick clone of a son pay." Todd wants John to lock Rex up. John tells him if something happened, he missed it and changes the subject to Marty. Todd leaves and refuses to help him.

T.M. picks up a paper for Todd Manning and remarks, "I guess this is where Todd Manning lives." He enters the Manning home and kicks up his feet. While looking at a picture of Tea, he flashes to dancing with her! He wakes up from a nap to hear an ungrateful Jack complaining about Rex. Todd yells to Jack that he needs to thank Tea. Tea orders Jack to go to his room so she can talk to Todd alone. T.M. waits in the bushes and listens with a gun. Todd wants to sue Rex, but Tea wonders how he got Jack's friend to take the fall. Todd explains that he paid the friend's dad off. Tea asserts he is ruining Jack and there must be consequences to his violence. She is concerned that Jack showed no remorse for Gigi. Tea doesn't feel comfortable being a part of his plan, but Todd reminds her she is a lawyer and it is confidential. He yells at her to deal with it. A disgusted Tea leaves and T.M. follows her.

A sad Shane sits at Gigi's bedside and apologizes for not staying away from Jack like she asked. He crumples up on the floor and wishes it was him. He promises her Rex will make Jack pay. Brody arrives with Liam and tells Shane he is sorry. He believes that Gigi is still worried for him and wants him to be okay. Brody has to leave for Liam's checkup, but assures Shane that he will always be his family. Rex returns and sadly informs Shane that Jack isn't going to prison. Shane wants to prove Todd paid off Jack's friend. Rex promises Gigi he will get her justice. He asks forgiveness for what he is about to do, as he knows all he can do for her now is keep their son safe. As he holds her he whispers, "I'll love you forever."

Clint's family arrives to say their good-byes. Jessica and Natalie cry over Clint. He wants them to smile and tells his beautiful girls that he loves them. He asks that they find a way to forgive one another. He tells Joey he takes comfort that he is around to take care of the family. Clint urges him not to let Kelly get away.

A relieved Joey finds Kelly waiting for him outside of Clint's room. She pulls him in for a hug and tells him she couldn't stay away. An annoyed Jessica finds Brody and Natalie in an embrace and takes off. As Viki, Joey and Kelly pray, Rex arrives and asks if Clint is dead yet. Rex enters Clint's room and tells him, "You can have Gigi's heart you son of a bitch, but under one condition."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Echo informs Viki that Dorian didn't call for help soon enough - she's responsible for the damage to Clint's heart.

Clint signs everything over to Rex.

Todd asks Jack to begin the second chance he bought him by working at The Sun.

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