At the mansion, Blair fills Starr in on Tomas' secret life, including his son. Blair doesn't really care for the boy but hopes Starr can help with his attitude. "I promised you'd hang out with him," Blair admits. Starr's irritated and thinks about Baz when Blair informs that Sebastian is a musician.

Tomas bring Baz to the Manning Estate and introduces him to Dani. They bond over reuniting with their estranged fathers. Tomas and Baz argue about the past. Dani convinces Tomas to let Baz goes to Nate's graduation with her. Later, Blair calls. Tomas admits Baz couldn't get away from him fast enough.

In the school gym, Nate tells Deanna he's worried. What if Matthew remembers? She tries to reassure Nate and reminds him he's about to graduate. He needs to savor it. While Nate goes to get his cap and gown, Rick appears. He talks about his new flick, "Hold The Diploma," and tells Deanna, "I need a hottie for the lead." Rick overheard Deanna and Nate and threatens to tell the authorities what Nate did if she doesn't star in his flick. Out in the hall, James meets up with Ford, who tells him about Jessica. James shares what happened with Starr and the guy who messed with her iPod. Ford suggests James watch out for this guy. James would, but he's not from around here. James and Ford enter the gym and find Rick grabbing Deanna. They come to her defense. Rick reminds James he's not her boyfriend anymore. As James and Ford drag Rick away, Nate rejoins Deanna and asks, "What was that all about?" Deanna admits Rick knows Nate's secret. Dani arrives with Baz and points Starr out as her sister. Starr waves.

T.M. grabs a gun when someone knocks on his door at the Minute Man Motel. After T.M. pays for the food delivery, with Agent Kent's money, he says, "Who sadly I had to kill last night." T.M. tries to figure out who Todd Manning is and wonders, "Do I have a kid named Sam?" T.M. answers Kent's cell. He acts as though he's the agent, assures the caller that 'he's' dead and never had what they were looking for. He presses for details about the man who calls himself Todd Manning. "Okay," T.M. replies and hangs up. "The hell I will." T.M. plans to confront Todd face to face.

David finds Bo in Matthew's room. Bo catches David up on Matthew's progress. David vows to ruin whoever did this to Matthew. Bo admits they don't know what happened. David agrees to not ask Matthew questions then goes to his bedside. After Bo leaves, David pesters Matthew to open his eyes. He does. David offers to call their escort friends. He has Fawn and Mandy on speed dial. "David," Matthew speaks for the first time.

Just as Rex is about to sign Gigi's name to her healthcare proxy, Echo enters her hospital room and realizes what Rex is doing. She refuses to let him risk getting in trouble and says Rex has no right to play God. Rex vows never to let Clint have Gigi's heart. Echo doesn't agree with Rex but wants to prove her loyalty by forging Gigi's signature herself. Rex hands over a copy of Gigi's signature, Echo signs the forms then rushes off with them. Bo appears and tries to comfort Rex about Gigi's wishes, knowing there's nothing Rex can do to stop the donor transplant. David appears and pulls Bo away. Rex goes to Gigi's bedside. A doctor pops in to warn they need to take Gigi to the OR to prep for surgery. Rex asks for another minute alone. Echo returns and privately tells Rex she pre-dated and filed the form and that Jack's been taken into custody. Rex hugs Echo and promises Gigi he'll make sure Jack has no life. Maybe after that, Rex will be able to let Gigi go.

Bo enters Matthew's room. "Dad," Matthew whispers. Bo explains he had a brain injury and wonders if Matthew remembers hitting his head. Matthew does.

At the station, Tea makes excuses as to why Jack's prints were found at the rental property, reminding John that Jack's friend lives there. John tries to get a confession out of Jack by asking, "You didn't mean to hurt anyone, did you? You just wanted to get back at Shane." Jack wants to talk, but Tea warns him against it. Todd convinces Jack to stay quiet. A cop appears. John briefly steps out then returns with printouts found on a laptop that was in Jack's backpack, correspondences between ComicGurl15 and Shane. Jack informs that the computer wasn't his. Tea wants to take Jack home, but John doesn't allow it and says, "We have a witness."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Bo seeks answers in regards to Matthew's accident.

There's a problem with Clint's donor heart.

Todd makes Brad's dad an offer he can't refuse.

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