Dorian and David arrive home. David thinks she's getting upset over nothing. Dorian holds up a bra and asks, "You call this absolutely nothing?" Dorian recognizes the bra. It belongs to the actress who plays her in their movie, the fake skank Dorian. David begs Dorian not to ruin their happiness. Why would he want the fake Dorian when he has the real one? In the kitchen, James catches Starr dancing and listening to her iPod. She tells James about Baz. He listens to the music but doesn't like it. James denies being jealous. David appears to grab a bottle of champagne. Starr refuses to let David take her music, which makes James suspicious. After David leaves, Starr begs James to drop the subject of Baz. David rejoins Dorian in the living room, who's just received a photo package. She holds up a photo of the fake skank Dorian straddled on top of David. How could David do this to her? David claims the actress threw herself at him. He threw her out and was going to tell Dorian. Dorian wonders who took the photos and why.

Tea joins Rex in Gigi's hospital room. She couldn't find a judge who would marry him and Gigi while she's in a coma. They argue over Jack, who Rex vows to have charged. As he kicks Tea out, Echo arrives and apologizes for being gone on a photo shoot. She's also sorry for lying about Charlie being his father. Rex tells Echo how Clint's trying to steal Gigi's heart. Echo wishes she could help and hands Rex some things of Gigi's Roxy sent over. After Echo leaves, Rex opens Gigi's mail. He reads a letter from a lawyer. Gigi wanted to get her affairs in order before their wedding. Rex finds Gigi's healthcare proxy. He knows signing her name won't bring Gigi back, but it'll prevent Clint from taking her heart.

Out in the hallway, Echo pays a man, who confirms he delivered the photos to Dorian. Echo vows to destroy Dorian's relationship to David, just like she did to her and Charlie's.

Jessica runs into Natalie at Llanfair. The sisters argue over Brody. Natalie suggests Jessica and Brody work things out. "It's going to be a little crowded in bed with you there too," Jessica replies. How would Natalie feel if she slept with John? Natalie refuses to feel sorry for Jessica and accuses her of walking out on her life. "Tess is your excuse to act like a slut?" Jessica asks. "It works for you, doesn't it?" Natalie replies. "Life goes on, deal with it. At least Tess didn't try to kill me this time." Jessica warns Natalie not to push her and asks, "I wonder what John McBain's up to?"

At the station, Brody admits to John that he moved out of Llanfair. John's surprised Brody moved away from Liam. "It's complicated," Brody replies. As John questions him about Jessica, the forensic report arrives.

At the Manning Estate, Todd catches Jack calling Brad and grabs his phone. Did he leave any evidence behind in that basement? Jack doesn't know. He didn't mean to hurt anyone. Todd hopes Tea's out doing damage control. Jack thinks Todd should be able to buy his freedom. As Todd rants about Jack bullying Shane, Jack snaps, "At least I didn't rape anyone." Todd grabs Jack. Tea appears and screams, "Todd, stop it!" After Jack storms off, Tea asks, "Were you about to hit your son?" Todd admits he's scared. Jack's going down a familiar path and all Todd can do is channel Peter Manning. Tea urges Todd to keep his cool. John and Brody arrive and arrest Jack for the murder of Gigi Morasco. Jack's fingerprints were found all over the basement.

Not able to find Sebastian, Blair and Tomas return to the New York City hotel room. As Tomas admits he always looked at Sebastian as a spoiled brat, Baz appears and admits since his mother is dumping him on Tomas, he went and checked out the hick town Tomas lives in. Blair takes offense. Baz apologizes and rants about the lack of good music in Llanview. He talks about a cute girl he met, who claimed to know music. Yvette arrives. Baz hands over her credit card. She complains about Baz always mooching off her. Yvette signs the divorce papers, hugs Baz and urges him to get to know his father. Before she leaves, Yvette privately warns Blair to be careful. She had reasons for keeping Baz away from Tomas for all these years. Later, hearing how badly Baz wants to make music, Blair offers to let him use her equipment at Capricorn. Tomas is happy to hear Baz is willing to give Llanview a shot.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tomas tells Blair Baz couldn't get away from him quick enough.

Rex asks Echo for help.

Rick blackmails Deanna.

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