Starr confronts the guy at Llanview University who has her iPod. He deleted Starr's playlists and added his own, claiming it's much better. Starr's livid. "Sue me for trying to enlighten you," the guy replies. He offers to restore her music if she listens to one of his songs. Starr reluctantly agrees, says she's heard worse and is surprised when he admits to creating the music. He hopes Starr will help him get other locals to listen to his music. Starr doesn't have time to be his groupie but gives him the name of her mom's club and Rex's. Maybe he could DJ there. He introduces himself as Baz.

At the station, Tea warns Jack he could be charged with murder. John appears and goes over what happened to Gigi and how Jack bullied Shane. He talks about the evidence they're bound to find from the basement and suggests Jack tell John his side of the story. Tea asks that John release Todd and quit questioning Jack. John continues to stall, hoping the forensics report comes in. When it doesn't, John lets Todd and Jack go but warns he'll be seeing Jack soon. Todd orders Jack to stay quiet and urges Tea to take care of everything.

Natalie and Viki watch as machines keep Gigi alive in her hospital room. Over talk of how upset Rex is, Viki convinces Natalie to go find him. Viki goes to Gigi's bedside and thanks her for everything she did for her in Paris, Texas. She talks about how Gigi insisted on paying her rent for the carriage house. Viki didn't want to hurt Gigi's pride and put the money into an account for Shane's college. Viki promises to see that Shane gets the education Gigi wanted for him.

Inside his room, Clint tells Rex, "You may not want me to have Gigi's heart but you don't have a say in this matter." Rex wasn't married to Gigi. Clint suggests Rex tell Gigi he loves her then say goodbye. Rex grabs a pillow. "What're you doing?" Clint asks. "Putting you out of your misery," Rex replies. He places the pillow over Clint's face. Natalie appears and screams for Rex to stop. Rex and Clint argue over the situation. Rex refuses to let Clint have Gigi's heart and storms off. Clint wants to have Rex arrested, but Natalie won't allow it. She refuses to let Clint put Rex in jail, so he can have Gigi's heart. Things will happen the way they're supposed to happen. Natalie doesn't want Clint to die, but she can't let Clint take Gigi from Rex, not right now. She accuses Clint of being cruel. Clint needed to find out where he stood legally and warns that Natalie won't just be mourning Gigi. She could be mourning him soon too.

Rex enters Gigi's room as Viki tells her, "I swear on my own family that I'll take care of yours." Viki goes to Rex and holds him close. He looks at Gigi. They were so close to having everything they always wanted. Rex informs Viki that Clint's trying to take Gigi's heart by force and says, "I won't let that happen." Viki apologizes for Clint's tactics. Later, Tea appears and offers to help Rex with anything he needs. "I'm going to marry Gigi," Rex replies. "And you're going to help me do it."

Viki rejoins Clint and Natalie in his room. He doesn't want anyone to die but feels Rex needs to accept that Gigi could save him in order for Clint to stay with his family.

Ford rushes into the nursery at Llanfair and takes Jessica in a kiss. She pushes him off and warns she's no longer Tess. Ford hands over her divorce from Cutter. Jessica thanks Ford but refuses to trade one sleazebag in for another. Ford begs Jessica to let him talk to Tess. She refuses and orders him out. Jessica vows to never let Ford be a father to Ryder. Ford refuses to give up Ryder or Tess.

In the New York City hotel room, Yvette insists she's Tomas' wife and refers to Blair as his skinny little sex toy. She remembers Blair from Tomas' painting and states, "My husband is sick." When Tomas appears, Blair slaps him. Tomas' wife gives Blair props for her swing, as Tomas explains they've been separated for years. Yvette refuses to sign the divorce papers and had a child with another man. Blair wonders why Yvette won't sign the papers. She agrees to give Tomas the divorce and has something else to give him, his son. The boy has always been Tomas'. He doesn't believe it. Yvette suggests Tomas ask their son and claims he's in the next room. Tomas finds Sebastian gone.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex gets bad news from Tea.

Jack and Todd have it out over Jack's actions.

David returns and finds Dorian not pleased.

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