Blair arrives at a New York City Hotel and secretly listens as Claude and Tomas converse. Tomas approaches a room and tells the person inside, "Here as ordered." The door shuts behind Tomas. "What are you up to?" Blair whispers. Her phone rings, and Blair rants to Dorian about following Tomas, who was talking to 'That Fishy Frenchman'. Claude appears and presumes Blair's referring to him. He talks about the important meeting Tomas is taking. If Blair leaves, Claude won't mention she followed him. Blair plays along then later returns to the room in time to hear Tomas tell someone they won't get away with blackmailing him. After Tomas storms off, Blair enters the room. "Can I help you?" a woman asks and admits she's Tomas' wife.

Agent Kent holds a gun on T.M. outside Dorian's mansion. He plans to kill him. T.M. hands Kent the wedding photo, claiming it's what they've been after. When Sam appears, Kent aims the gun at him. He's a witness. Kent plans to kill Sam too. As Kent and T.M. struggle for the gun, Kent's shot dead. T.M. picks up Sam. He admits Kent was a bad man but can’t be sure if he is when Sam asks, "Are you a bad man too?" Sam thinks he's a good man. He saved his life. Sam promises to keep what happened a secret and leaves. T.M. takes care of the body.

Starr and James enroll for new classes at Llanview University. Over talk of Hope, Starr suggests they spend time with her, together. James has to rush off after a call from Ford. Starr takes a call from Langston. She notices the strange guy sitting nearby. After Starr walks away, the guy finds Starr's iPod. Later, Starr finds the guy listening to her iPod and uploading her music to a laptop.

In the nursery at Llanfair, Jessica is stunned to hear Aubrey and Joey have temporary custody of Ryder. Jessica wants to find Viki. Brody appears. After Aubrey slips about Viki being at the hospital, Brody tells Jessica about Clint. He offers to take Jessica there. Jessica refuses and orders him to get out of Llanfair. She doesn't want to walk in on him and Natalie again. Brody shares with Aubrey what happened. Aubrey admits with Jessica back, Joey will leave her in a heartbeat.

Outside Gigi's hospital room, Natalie is stunned to hear the organ donor is Gigi. Rex vows to keep it together for Shane. Natalie holds Rex close. The doctor appears. Rex tells him to forget it. Clint's not getting Gigi's heart. The doctor confirms them of Gigi's wishes and warns that Clint doesn't have long to live. Natalie pleads with Rex to save their father. "He gets Gigi's heart over my dead body," Rex snaps and enters Gigi's room. Rex holds Gigi's hand. He can't believe she's gone. "I don't care what anybody else says," Rex whispers. "Your heart stays with me."

Viki enters Clint's room and tells him and Joey about Gigi. Clint thinks Rex can't wait to dance on his grave. Jessica appears and convinces everyone she's back. Just as Jessica brings up the possible donor, Natalie appears. Jessica feels bad about Gigi but still wants her heart to save Clint. Viki and Clint want Jessica to go to Llanfair. Jessica insists she's fine and looks at Natalie. If Tess was going to come back, she would've the second she walked into the house. Joey finally convinces Jessica to go home with him. Gigi's doctor appears. After Viki and Natalie go to see Gigi, Clint asks the doctor a question. Later, Rex appears. Clint informs it's not up to Rex to decide if he'll get Gigi's heart.

On their way to see Gigi, Natalie admits Jessica walked in on her and Brody in bed. Viki thinks it's a good sign that Tess didn't return. She hopes Jessica can accept Brody and Natalie, if Brody's who Natalie wants. They enter Gigi's room.

James arrives at the Minute Man Motel. Ford admits he broke Tess out, and they professed their love. Now she's missing. James suggests Ford face facts. Tess played him. Ford needs James' help and convinces him to dress as a nun in order to see if Tess was taken back to St. Ann's. James leaves and returns shortly. There was no sign of Tess at St. Ann's.

Joey brings Jessica back to Llanfair, reunites her with Ryder and tells Aubrey they're done. "Get your stuff and get the hell out," Joey orders. Later, Jessica vows never to leave Ryder again then flashes back to kissing Ford. "Tess." Ford appears in the doorway.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Starr meets a stranger at Llanview U named Baz with a sophisticated taste in music.

Ford refuses to give up his fight for Ryder and Tess.

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