Jessica slams the door of Natalie's bedroom, stunning Natalie and Brody. She makes it clear she's not Tess and demands, "What the hell are you doing in bed with my fiancé?" Jessica lashes out. They betrayed her again! "How could you do this to me?" she asks and grabs her head. "Ford was right." Jessica vows not to hide anymore. She plans to stick around to make them pay. Natalie tries to explain why they gave up hope on her and John. Brody admits he couldn't take it anymore and moved on. "I was trapped," Jessica snaps. "The hell you were," Brody replies and reminds her that Tess is the mean, hateful part of her. Natalie gives them some time, as Brody continues to rant about all of the hell she's put him through. She used his dead, best friend to hurt him, and left her kids, when they all needed her. "You and Natalie can go straight to hell," Jessica replies and storms off.

In the nursery, Aubrey's stunned to see Jessica's returned. Jessica reunites with Bree and Ryder and vows never to leave them again. "Are you sure?" Aubrey asks and refuses to leave Jessica alone with the kids.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Ford begs Cutter to divorce Tess. He refuses. Rama asks Ford to give her a minute with Cutter then warns him, "Let her go or I'm going to tell everyone what I know about you." Cutter tries to blackmail Rama but realizes he has more to lose with what she knows. Cutter agrees to the immediate divorce. Rama arranges to have the papers faxed over, signed and sends Ford happily on his way.

Ford arrives at the Minute Man Motel and finds Tess gone. He sees her cell and realizes she never got any of his messages.

T.M. watches Blair from the shadows outside the mansion. He remembers having a wife named Blair. She calls out, "Who's there?" Starr appears and asks why Blair's looking at the old wedding photo of her and Todd. Blair wonders if Todd will always be her one true love and rants about Tomas taking off. She points to the photo and remembers what a great day it was. T.M. flashes to the same photo. If Blair could only set aside her doubts about Tomas, maybe she could be that happy again. Blair decides to surprise Tomas in New York. Before Blair leaves, Starr tells her about Sam's imaginary friend, who he claimed had a line on his face. Starr shows how Sam traced the same scar that Todd had. Blair thinks he's just what Sam says, an imaginary friend. After they leave, T.M. comes out of hiding, looks at Todd and Blair's wedding photo and flashes back to more photos of the wedding. Suddenly, Agent Kent appears and aims a gun at T.M.

Outside Clint's hospital room, Gigi's doctor talks to Clint's doctor and asks to see Clint's chart. He talks about a young mother who was brought in and states that she's a match for Clint. Inside, Bo tells Viki and Clint about the changes in Matthew. Clint wonders if Bo's there to tell him he won't be getting Matthew's heart. The tension subsides. Clint's happy for Matthew and has accepted that he doesn't have much longer. Bo urges Clint to reach out to Rex and admits how heartbroken Bo is over Clint's circumstances. Later, Joey finds Viki and Clint reminiscing over family photos. They share the news about Matthew. Clint's doctor appears. He may have found Clint a heart. He explains that the patient is in the ER. They just need to get permission from her fiancé. Viki feels for what the family must be going through.

In Gigi's room, Rex cries to Roxy. He doesn't know how he's going to tell Shane and begs Gigi to send him a sign. When Roxy goes to get Shane, Rex steps out into the hall. He runs into Bo, who's shocked to hear what happened to Gigi. "She's gone," Rex cries. "I don't know what I'm going to do without her." He thinks Gigi sent Bo to him. Shane and Roxy appear. Rex is forced to tell Shane that Gigi is dying and won't get better. Shane goes into an asthma attack and cries, "You're lying." Roxy can see Rex is about to break down. After she takes Shane in to see Gigi, her doctor approaches Rex and informs that Gigi was an organ donor. Suddenly, Natalie appears and happily tells Rex they found a donor for Clint. Rex realizes the donor is Gigi.

Bo finds Viki outside of Clint's room and tells her, "Gigi's gone." Viki's in shock, as Bo explains what happened. Viki puts two and two together. Gigi is Clint's donor.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Starr and James register for summer classes at Llanview U.

Blair is faced with a surprising guest.

Someone ends up shot at Dorian's mansion.

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