At the hospital, a doctor explains to Rex that Gigi's brain was deprived of oxygen for too long. Her heart's still beating, but she's brain dead. Roxy appears, as Rex hysterically demands another test. The doctor explains that they already did the test Bo and Nora had done for Matthew. Gigi is gone. Rex orders everyone out and goes to Gigi. In tears, Rex talks to Gigi about getting married and remembers a time from when they were kids. He fell in love with her back then. Leaving her was the stupidest thing Rex ever did. He'll never do it again and begs, "Promise me you'll never leave me either… I won't let you." Rex begs Gigi to wake up for him and Shane. Roxy stops the doctor from trying to throw Rex out and goes to him. "You have to let her go," Roxy cries. Rex refuses. Roxy holds Rex close.

In his room, Destiny's screams, "Matthew!" Nora and Bo rush in and see Matthew's eyes opened. The doctor comes in, examines Matthew and says, "There's reason to hope." Shaun appears and hears the news. The doctor warns Matthew could improve or this could be as far as it goes. Later, Destiny agrees to join Shaun for ice cream but declines any herself due to her strange stomach bug.

At the station, Todd forces Jack to tell him how he planned to trap Shane. "I thought it was Shane," Jack says. Todd wonders how Gigi ended up in the hospital. Jack doesn't know and didn't plan on anyone getting hurt. Todd grabs Jack. Tea appears and learns everything Shane accused Jack of was true. Todd warns Jack with prison time and worries John will be all over this. Tea calls Roxy and gets word about Gigi's condition. She warns if Gigi dies, Jack could be charged as an adult for murder.

Over at the Minute Man Motel, Tess and Ford admit how amazing their sex was. Tess wants to stay like this forever. Ford thinks they need to plan their next move and worries that breaking her out of St. Ann's will cost them Ryder. Tess trusts Ford will find a way to keep them all together. Talk turns to Cutter. Ford promises they'll handle him. He refuses to lose Tess. After Ford leaves, Jessica manages to emerge and warns Tess, "I want my life back." Tess begs Jessica to let her be with Ford and promises to try to love Ford's kid. Jessica loves her children and needs to get to back to them and Brody. Tess suggests Jessica ask Natalie about how Brody's been doing. After all, she's been kissing his wounds while Jessica's been gone. Jessica dominates over Tess and leaves.

Lying in her bed at Llanfair, Natalie asks Brody if he has any regrets. Is he thinking about betraying Jessica? Brody isn't. When Liam cries, they bring him into bed with them. Brody and Natalie discuss Jessica and John. Natalie knows John's never going to forgive her. Brody doesn't think Jessica will either, if she comes back. He holds Natalie and Liam close and asks, "Is this enough for you?" Later, Brody and Natalie make love again. As they kiss, Jessica walks into the room and sees them.

Cutter hears Rama moaning in the living room at the Buchanan Mansion and interrupts Vimal giving her a foot massage. While Rama answers the door, Vimal asks Cutter why he let Rama stay there. Is there something going on between them? Cutter assures Vimal there isn't and thinks back to Rama blackmailing him. Rama opens the door to Cris, who can't get their kiss out of his mind. He thinks something's happening between them. As Cris kisses Rama, Cutter and Vimal appear. "What're you doing with my wife?" Vimal demands. Rama acts as though she did nothing to encourage Cris. Vimal takes a swing at Cris, who ducks. Cris takes the blame, as Vimal accuses him of taking advantage of a pregnant woman. Cutter almost spits out his drink. Rama warns he better stay quiet or else. Ford appears in the open doorway. He privately asks Cutter to give Tess a divorce. While Vimal takes a call from his parents, Rama follows Cris outside. She needs to stand by Vimal but admits she can't get the kiss out of her head either. Cris urges Rama to quit lying to herself. When she rejoins Vimal, he announces his parents are coming for the birth of their child.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

T.M. sees Blair.

Cutter is blackmailed by Rama.

Lives hang in the balance.

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